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Why Watch Heroes?

I have one question, why would anyone watch Heros when we have so many Godly heroes around us?

For instance Carlos Whittaker, this fine young man is as real as they come. Through his blog you can learn about current events, see what true discipleship looks like and really read about as transparent a guy your gonna find in blogisphere!

If you have not been to his blog I recommend you go cause I don't think enough people read his blog and he definitely does not post enough.

Finally, he rekindled the fire in us to move forward with our adoption process so we decided we are going to go to the Whitaker's house in Riverside and crash for a week with our new daughter and three boys. OK, so we have not been officially invited yet, but I am sure it will happen.

If not we will rent an RV and camp out front like cousin Eddie and have a couple of candle light vigils in honor of them.

If you get a chance visit Carlos and his amazing Blog he is a true encourager!


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