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How I would like to get home from work everyday!

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Happy Friday Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat and OH NO HALLOWEEN!

Yes, I said it the Satan word Halloween, sorry I think sometimes people give the red guy a little to much credence. As for me and my house we be trickin and treatin! Fur da Lord of course...

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Why I want to work at GOOGLE!

OK, so Google moved into a new building cause they did not have enough stuff to play with in there old building. Well the cafeteria stayed in the old building and the only way for them to get the old campus building for grub was to go across a creek. So, most companies would opt for a sidewalk and bridge. Not Google, they build a zip-line. Yeah they built a zip-line and until the City got wind of it, they zipped back and forth to get their grub! The moral to this story is when imaginations run wild and resources are not a factor there is no possibility as to what can be done! Leave the box and there is no telling what you can accomplish.

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I read that voting is like picking your favorite mosquito out of the swarm.

I have to say it is too true. I feel like voting has become our novel excuse for not getting involved.

Well I am pro-life so I vote that way? What do you do that is pro-life besides vote? That is like say I am pro-global warming so I don't drive as much? I think more important than any vote, not discounting voting cause it is important, but more important is acting on your vote.

I know, I know that would take time and effort, "What about my 'me time'?" Tell that to the 51,000,000 aborted babies or the 22,000,000 slaves in the great USA!

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We Must Carry On!

With the coming election I could write paragraphs on bipartisan rhetoric, but why when this video so sums it all up!

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The door to hell is cold

Door to Hell in Antarctica - Watch more free videos

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Plight of a teen

There comes an age when we see this sign and CHARGE IT! I say it is for most about 13-14 years old. I don't understand why and would believe short of God most really can't explain it otherwise we would be able to give the pill and prevent it. I liken it to you giving them the choice of the blue or the red pill and they take both! That said I do believe the teenager gets shocked enough to where at some point and obviously some more times than others they see the sign, think to themselves there go I for His grace and walk away. The thing that sucks is when you love someone and as the poem says and you set them free and they continue to hurt themselves how can you continue to be empathetic?

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This is my wife at work with Leah.

If you look closely you will notice my wife is in a black apron instead of the usual green. I know for some that does not mean anything, but for Rachel it means she is now a Coffee Master. Coffee Master is the equivalent of having your PHD in coffee. Rachel worked very hard to get this and I am so proud of her. Please if you have a chance either through her Facebook or Blog let her know you are proud of her too!

She is also really hot in BLACK!

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The Political Perspective of a Fifth Grader

As I was walking Jackson into school today an announcement came over the loud speaker regarding the school election and Jackson told me he was going to run for class president. I asked him what did it mean to be class president? He said you just had to write a speech and read it to the school over the loud speaker and then they vote who's speech they like best. He proceeded to tell me he did not do that, instead he opted to work the bin? I asked him what was the "bin?" He told me he took the job of feeding all the recyclable paper into the bin, because he felt he could do more good that way then being president of his class. I have to tell you I honestly have never felt more proud of that kid in that moment!

Here we are watching two guys give speeches trying to out promise each other and honestly I feel I could do more good recycling paper!

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Reverse Photo Shop?

Here are your favorite celebrities as they would look if they were straight from the rodeo instead of Rodeo Drive.

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One Cool Waterfall

Making images with water really cool!

Making air look like water cooler!

Air Art from flip on Vimeo.

Making your own fish tank digitally the coolest!

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The Top Ten American Icons - NOT!

Below is a list of the Top Ten American Icons you all know well. Or do you? They are not American owned even though they were started in America as is most everything in America if you build it, and it is successful, they will buy it! Buy it they did, though it is not publicized in order to keep our loyalty at home or so we think!

Enjoy the list!

10 Firestone

9 Dial Soap

8 Shell Oil

7 Church’s Chicken

6 Toll House Cookies

5 Holiday Inn
United Kingdom

4 The Chrysler Building
United Arab Emirates

3 Trader Joe’s

2 7-Eleven

1 Budweiser

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Come again?

This weekend went by so fast it feels like Friday.

Friday night my wife had a slumber party with the girls of our "Twenty Something" small group. So, I took the guys from the group to see Max Payne. After the movie (I enjoyed) we decided to go back and crash the party. Well at least me and Dave did! It was all manicures, facials and pedicures so the only logical thing to do was Call of Duty 4 on the 360. Had to redeem ourselves some how, like some manly ARGH shoot em up.

Saturday we saw a shift in the weather and it was overcast and drizzling. That did not stop Jeff and I from going to the Pirates Game. It was like a Bucs game on a smaller scale size wise. As for the crowd they are FANATICS! It was a great game and we had awesome seats, parking and all around fun!
Here is a pic from our seats.

That afternoon Jeff, Kerri and I took the boys to the mall. Lets see, six boys three adults equals out numbered and mistake! So we retreated to Taco Bell for some half priced game day tacos! Who ever thought they were going to get a nice quite meal at The Bell was MISTAKEN!

That night Rachel and I had a big date to Starbucks. Which was cool because they did Happy Hour from 8:00PM to 10:00PM, which included a live DJ, Disco Ball, Smoke, Lights and ALL DRINKS WERE $1. It was actually a real great time, a ton of people came and the girls even did some line dancing. Can't wait till this Friday its 80s night! Below are some pics sorry about the quality it was dark.


Finally, Sundays service stinkin rocked. The music, the message were both awesome I was truly challenged. I am so amazed at this Church it is so insane how diverse a group we have I love it! After Church we drove to Smithfield, North Carolina home of Smithfield Ham and the Outlet Mall. We cleaned up at the Outlet Mall having to get Winter Clothes. In Florida winter clothes means shoes with socks. Got home late Sunday and man here it is Monday! GEWD TIMES ;-)

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Bipartisan Porn?

Craig is at it again, you have to love the spirit of these guys!

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The Digital Age is HERE!

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Tell the TRUTH!

I am so sick of the presidential candidates and the lies. They both are lying and it makes me sick. The reporters kept giving there opinion of what would cause the candidate to win the debate last night.

In my opinion it should have been the TRUTH putting a clear winner out there.

The reality is that neither one of them told the truth. They spun the truth to make it favorable to them. That my friends is lying and I AM FREAKING SICK OF IT! I am ready to vote for Nader and I am not spinning my feelings here.

This is the monumental problem with politics in America.

Fact - Obama votes the MAJORITY of the time with the Democratic Party.
Fact - McCain votes the MAJORITY of the time with the Republican Party.

So, it is real easy this is not about change or fixing the economy neither of which can be done by the President alone! It is about which Party do you support?

It has just been spun to the American people this election is going to change America...BS! I am sorry to be so cynical here, but it is TRUTH not spin the President, Congress and Senate collectively invoke change none has the power independently to do this on a major scale.

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The Dark Toy Story!

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25 Years...

This is my best friend Eric who I met over 25 years ago and have not seen or talked to in about 20 years. He and I became good buds back in the 6th or 7th grade, I can't remember exactly how we started hangin out. I do remember a few things that were very cool though.

Eric had a mom for Sweden with a very thick accent that Eric could imitate real well. Eric had a dad who looked just like Pavarotti and being Italian Eric's Dad loved one of the same things Eric and I did - FERRARI'S! As a result Eric's Dad would take us to not only look at Ferrari's, but test drive them and it does not get any cooler than that in 7th grade!

Next we rode bikes all over the Silicone Valley and sometimes out side the valley ;-) Eric was a great friend and for a chubby kid from Florida who did not have any friends Eric really was one! I can remember more than one instance in which he stuck up for me when I would of had my arse kicked.

The last communication I had with Eric was a letter I got with pictures of him and his High School Graduation present I think? I lost the letter, but still have the pictures of Eric outside Apple, which was right down the street from where we grew up, with his FERRARI. I have to say, I would be lying if I did not admit I was very jealous!

Now fast forward twenty years and the marvels of modern technology. I decided to Google Eric and found a website for a Electric Service Co. and found his name as President. So, I decided to send him and e-mail asking him if he went to our Junior High School. What are the odds right? Well you guessed it, Eric e-mailed me back and we have been communicating again via phone and e-mail.

Finally, I can't tell you how good it feels to see that he is doing well and has a freaking awesome wife and BEAUTIFUL daughters.
He is truly blessed and it does not get any better than that my friends!
Below is a picture of Eric and his family today!

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Why This Woman Rocks!

These are from her visit to Gvegas tonight.

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Inspirations of the Sthyle Director

I had a customer(Charles) from Rachel's work ask to come over and watch the first Presidential debate. I thought cool, so he came and brought his wife and newborn both of whom did not stay to watch the debate. My wife also had a couple she works with over, although they left before it started.

Charles told me he had a friend from the local GOP who was looking for a place to watch the debate and said he invited him over as well. I said that was fine, not like I could say it wasn't at that point anyway. Well about ten minutes before the debate started the door bell rang and instead of the guy from the GOP it was a High School teacher and two of his students who heard from a guy at the GOP we were having a debate watching party? He proceeded to say very loudly, "WHERE IS THE BEER!" A few seconds later this was interrupted by the door again with another group of people, followed by another group.

Before long it was standing room only(which is not hard cause our living room maxed out at about 25 people). Anyway, I know Charles was freaking out although I actually thought it quite funny. I tell you I could not of had a more diverse group of people in my living room you name it I had it from women, men, black, white, little and big, young and old. It was crazy and cool at the same time, just wish it were a bit more exciting.
Next Time!

Thanks Jeff for inspiring me to post this, see you at the next debate?

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