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Short, Simple and Right On!

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Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

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Why Why Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the National Enquirer reported on July 28th about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy, lawyer’s for the Nickelodeon star threatened legal action against the publication.

Now, a source at the Enquirer has leaked us the letter Jamie Lynn’s lawyers sent them at the time.

“Ms. Spears is a devout Christian with a spotless reputation, who lives in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards in accordance with her faith.

There is no “rumor” concerning Ms. Spears’ (non-existent) pregnancy, except perhaps for the baseless “rumor” just now being created by the National Enquirer.

Ms. Spears is not pregnant. It is pathetic for the National Enquirer to attempt to create a wholly baseless “rumor” that Ms. Spears is pregnant, so it can run a malicious story and false story which would be emotionally devastating to a morally upright 16 year old girl.”

This really pisses me off!!!!!! Not the fact that she has made a mistake.

THE FACT THAT THE NATIONAL ENQUIRERS PUBLICIST WOULD HAVE TO BRING CHRIST INTO THIS AS A CHARACTER REFERENCE WHERE ONE IS DEFINITELY NEEDED ONLY CHRIST IS NOT HERE TO SPEAK ON HER BEHALF. That would be like me running for president and saying I am a devout "Reaganite and live in accordance with the stickiest Reaganomics!" Wait, they are doing that too!

Character is not what you say or anyone says for you, it is what you do when no one is looking. The only problem is, it is kind of hard to tell someones character if no one is looking!

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I knew it! Maybe?

Ron Paul Lies About Lack Of Involvement With White Nationalists


I have kept quiet about the Ron Paul campaign for a while, because I didn’t see any need to say anything that would cause any trouble. However, reading the latest release from his campaign spokesman, I am compelled to tell the truth about Ron Paul’s extensive involvement in white nationalism.

Both Congressman Paul and his aides regularly meet with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review, and others at the Tara Thai restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, usually on Wednesdays. This is part of a dinner that was originally organized by Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, and has since been mostly taken over by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

I have attended these dinners, seen Paul and his aides there, and been invited to his offices in Washington to discuss policy.

For his spokesman to call white racialism a “small ideology” and claim white activists are “wasting their money” trying to influence Paul is ridiculous. Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.

I don’t know that it is necessarily good for Paul to “expose” this. However, he really is someone with extensive ties to white nationalism and for him to deny that in the belief he will be more respectable by denying it is outrageous — and I hate seeing people in the press who denounce racialism merely because they think it is not fashionable.

Bill White, Commander
American National Socialist Workers Party

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Follow up...

Thanks to all the respondents on my post about Fireworks. I spoke to a local and found that they sell just as many fireworks for New Years Eve. Coming from a climate which would not be hospitable to such endeavors I could not put the two together. Got it now! Can't wait till the 31st to see how many drunk people kissing catch themselves on fire!

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I can take 34 five year olds!


Find Ultrasound technician training near you

See if you can beat me!

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Someone PLEASE?????????????????

Explain this to me!

OK, Independence Day/Fourth of July we have these stands go up that sell fireworks. I understand that, makes perfect sense.

Now why is it that for Christmas all these stands are opened selling fireworks?

Is is like a tradition I missed to light off fireworks to celebrate baby Jesus birth?

I have this strange vision of mangers, fireworks and overalls.

If you can shed some light on this I would really appreciate it!

Thank you...

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What to get Abe for Christmas?

Many of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas... Well I know I have everything I could ever want till I saw this!

That is right, "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" Baby Rock ON!!!!!

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Don't like to celebrate all those traditional holidays? You know Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Ramadan? Come celebrate Festivus with us, don't know what it is then watch this....

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Don't Taze Me Bro, Miss South Carolina, Just Leave Them ALONE!

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Merry Christmas

OK, So you know I am not sending out cards so here is the next best thing from me to you...
Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

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Do you believe in Karma?

Player in Attack on Kerrigan Dies at 40

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Brian Sean Griffith, a former bodyguard to figure skater Tonya Harding who admitted a role in the attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan during Olympics tryouts, has died. He was 40.

Griffith died Wednesday of what his doctor reported as natural causes, according to the Washington County medical examiner's office. The specific cause of death is expected to be listed when the doctor files a death certificate, which could take two weeks, the medical examiner's office said.

Formerly Shawn Eckardt, Griffith had changed his name since the attack in an attempt to put it behind him.

Griffith, of Beaverton, was Harding's bodyguard when the Portland-born skater competed for a spot on the U.S. Olympic figure skating team in 1994.

That January, an assailant clubbed Kerrigan in the knee, forcing her out of the competition. The International Committee of the U.S. Figure Skating Association granted Kerrigan a spot anyway, and she recovered in time to win a silver medal at the Olympics.

Days after the attack, Griffith confessed, detailing a plan that he and Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, had hatched. The investigation also eventually netted convictions of Shane Stant, the actual attacker, and Stant's uncle, Derrick Smith, who drove the getaway car.

Kind of makes you wonder huh?

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Broken Hearted

With the announcement of the Mitchell Report today I have to say I was broken hearted. Not because I am a huge baseball fan, I do like baseball, but I am not a "Huge" fan. My son Jackson on the other hand is a "Huge" baseball fan and will sit and "hold it" an entire game just to see every pitch and every swing. Now I have to "Try" and explain to a ten year old what performance enhancement(we wouldn't want to call it something lurid like illegal drug abuse) means? What HGH is? Come on if that isn't shameful enough then I have to explain why Barry Bonds is in court?

Two Words:

This sucks!

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A "GEWD" Friend

This is Jeff, he is a great friend and more!

What makes Jeff a great friend is that he is the type of guy who just out of the blue will call you and say "Hey man how are ya? Just thinking about you and wanted to see how you are doin?"

Now that is cool in it of itself, but better yet is that he has this sixth sense to call when you need it most.

The best thing about Jeff is he does not have all the answers, but he does inspire you to be a better person and work to find the answer yourself.

He truly is a great guy and I am so proud to call him friend. I just wish I could do that more often and in person.
Thanks, Love ya bro!

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The God of Christmas

Ah Christmas the time of year where feelings can't be more skewed you are either so filled with joy right now you can't stand it or you are ready to pull out an Uzi and tear up the town. Either way God is still in charge and the enemy is still trying to make you feel like God has left the building with Elvis. Truth is they are both singing Jingle Bells together and sipping on some of the sweetest Egg Nog. Life is to short to sweat it, So enjoy what you have and make the most of it. Remember the way you love others is the way you love God, don't forget the one with the best Christmas lights on their house wins! Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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What to get that special someone for Christmas!

There are a ton of things to get that special someone in your life, gold, diamonds and plasma screens all sound good. But what about reserving them a spot in Heaven?

Like it says why would you want to live with uncertainty?

Finally, why roll like a pheasant in Heaven go for the All Access Pass and you will be rolling like a Hilton or P-Diidy!

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More Pix

Has a few more pix wanted to share...

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I would rather see this one!

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My brothers wedding dance?

Alright my brother is getting married in January and has suggested this as his first dance?
glumbert - Best wedding first dance ever

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