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If everybody knew everybody we wouldn't have the problems we have today!

Ya know I wasn't going to go to this church, but when I saw they
were in the top 600 we had to go!

We are having a blast in Tampa, I really miss home! Tampa that is!

Finally, I know I am late on the Easter deal but here is my contribution.

The good thing about being you is that you have control of you! You are only one decision away from doing something great for someone. You are only one decision away from changing lives! You are only one decision away from saving someones lives. Don't know what to decide? Decide to pray, read the word, and praise him! He will lead you to other decisions. But whatever you do decide something.

Bless ya!

Happy Rise Day!


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One day we all wake up?

1 Timothy Verse 8 - So wherever you assemble, I want men to pray with holy hands lifted up to God, free from anger and controversy.

Man I love the book of Timothy,,,,, it rocks. Anyway, I was talking to someone who was really going through some things and its funny how your heart can really hurt for someone. Well I always like to seek Gods counsel on things and as I was IMing this person I was praying and reading scripture and came across this verse in 1 Timothy. Well what really stood out was the last word CONTROVERSY. I was like what? Doesn't God know that we are a controversy society, how could the shows like Entertainment Tonight, The News, Primetime, The Paper (Weekly World News) survive if not for controversy. So I looked up controversy " dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views." Then I was thinking to myself, OK, so if I keep the dispute from being public I would be ok. Wrong! Or if I dispute someone's beliefs in Allah I am being controversial with them, so I can't witness to anyone without being controversial. Wrong Again! I think that we often times are intrigued by controversy when really God says we should be free from it. We should be compassionate not controversial. Again, I know this is for me just as much as anyone else, BUT I know that our witness is who we are not what we say. I look at my children and see that I can say one thing and do another. But you know what? They never do what I say, they do what I DO! So as NIKE says Just Do It! Just work on your actions. Are you loving, compassionate, caring, listening (not always talking), offering help freely or are their conditions? Look at YOU and if you see love then you should take solstice in the fact that you are a witness! God loves you and we are all so blessed to have our lives and the ability to have a relationship with him. Often times people think that God created them to be ministers, evangelists, profits, etc. God's reason for making you was for a relationship, and just as it is innate in all of us to feel comfort when we gain friends and family so does GOD! That is why we are to share God's LOVE with others so that we can grow as a family as God intends. Talk to him and see he will talk to you. Maybe not vocally but he will talk to your heart and through others. Its not May God Bless You, its GOD WILL BLESS YOU! LOVE YA HIM AND ME!

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Getting there!

It is amazing the feelings we have as human beings. I am always having this feeling like just a little further and I will be there. It is not like I am thinking about it cause I am very content, and feel so blessed with my wife, kids, and everything He has provided for me. It is just a constant little nuisance like hair growing in your ear. Then you pull it and it is gone till another one grows back. I know it is good to aspire and want to achieve great things through and for the Lord I just don't know sometimes. Do you ever feel like it would be so much easier to just be a plumber. I doubt seriously the plumber goes home after work and contemplates on the depths of a clogged p-trap under a sink? (NOTHING AGAINST PLUMBERS, NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT) Anyway I know God honors all that we put our hand too, it is funny though how there is an expectation of increase to that honor? Peace can come and go like a passing ship and if you think about it, peace is actually to be docked in our port all the time. If you practice the five letter word from your youth, which some of us abused, "TRUST" , you should have nothing but peace in your life. For whosoever comes against us God will put asunder. You have a TRUST covenant with God and he will not break it EVER! I know this is for me as much as you, but I hope this helps, it sure helped me. Remember when life was riding skateboards and taking naps? It can still be, you just have to TRUST in the Lord. So why don't we? Well what we meditate on is what comes to the surface when we need to TRUST. For instance, isn't it amazing how you can start to read your spouse as you age? Like when a special is on the News or Primetime with something about cheating spouses, without a doubt the next day your spouse is looking at you like, that guy on the show had a goatee and my husband has a goatee, is he cheating? Well maybe more subtle than that, but you get my meaning. When you doub,t what are you saying? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU LORD! I DON'T TRUST YOU LORD! WOW! When you doubt where do you go? To HIS WORD? Well you can be proactive and go there before, which would prevent you having to go there after some of the time, but maybe not entirely cause I heard even Billy, Oral, and Brad (he knows who I am talking about so don't ask) have done a re-read a time or two? The bottom line is either way you get there if you get to his WORD and meditate on it instead of the tube or O magazine (you know who you are) you will not have to lose any piece of your peace to the evil one. You will be able to grow cause God knows that when it is time for him to turn up the heat you won't give up and jump into the fire! Hey, maybe that's what that feeling is? Being ready to jump when the Lord says? LOOK OUT BELOW!

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Would you use it?

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Hey Hey Tampa Bay!

The Majic Fam is on its way!

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Ain't got no rhythm?

For all you folk that say Hey I ain't got no rhythm
have I got the ultimate in time wasting, rhythm busting,
fun stuff!

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Yeah I think the noise is gonna cause
alot more damage than that smoke
she's puffin on!

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Jesus on my PC?

What would you click?

Most of us keep having this pop up and click no and don't even realize it everytime we make a bad decision!

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Don't drive into the water!

How many times do you hear on the radio not to
drive into standing water?


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I had an idea for a new phone I think the ladies will love it? Let me know watcha tink?

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Focus on the black dot and move your head
toward and away from the screen....Cool huh?

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Check out this link, if you are not on high speed furgedaboutit. You can also right click on it and save as to your hard drive and watch over and over. It is an awesome testimony if you have anyone who is wondering this is for them!

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No really Rob is hosting a golf tourney on June 6th and will have a bunch a celebs in town to play all for a good cause. What good cause you ask?

Thats right porn stars, no not really, but it is to benefit so if you got the time and $150 to play or want to donate something let me know it is really for a good cause!

Or you can just come out and support the Mike and Craig by cheering them on as they try to beat the pro golfer from Pillar Rob (Tiger Woods) Beckly! Either way you have to do something this really is the Black Pague of our generation and I think it is awesome that Rob is sticking his neck out to do something about it! Right on brother man!

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