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Today was my Mom's sixty first birthday and we went over tonight to celebrate. I love my Mom and am so blessed to have her in my life. I wish we could see more of her as life can sometimes get the best of us and our time. Well we had a great time and really look forward to many more!

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Googling For Info!

As you can see my little brother is getting married and I found out about it from him. I did find out the details though through Googling. That is right my brother and his fiancee Heather Kuznik have a website promoting, I mean giving the details of their wedding.

The only thing I see missing is the little box to check "if anyone has any reason for this couple not to get married?" Just Kidding I am so happy for them and pray God blesses them and brings them close to His Heart!

I am just waiting for a sexy picture of me up on their as the Better, I mean Best Man! Will Keep Ya Posted.

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an·ger (ăng'gər)

[Middle English, from Old Norse angr, sorrow.]

A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.

verb: -gered, -ger·ing, -gers.

transitive verb

To make angry; enrage or provoke.

intransitive verb

To become angry: She angers too quickly.

Of all the emotions I don't like Anger...
It is not that I don't get angry, I do...
I just don't like being angry or someone angry with me.
Not only do I dislike anger, I dislike the transitive or provoking anger.

Ever notice family gets the transitive form of anger more than most and can provoke you like no other?

I wish I could be like I DREAM OF GENIE and twinkle my nose to eliminate anger in life.

All I can do is confess the Word...
Proverbs 14:29(AMP) He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is hasty of spirit exposes and exalts his folly.

I don't want to or need to exalt any more of my folly than is already exposed!
How about you?

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No More Mondays

It is official I am no longer having any more Mondays. That is right in little over an hour and a half it is going to be official the day formerly known as Monday. I am going to be calling Monday and although it will be hard to refer to the day in conversation it should be a piece of cake in written form. So have a good See ya!

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I want more of it and there never seems to be enough of it! One thing I have started to figure out is that the older I get the less time I seem to have. I mean even from today to five years ago it seems like I have less time. I need margin, any thoughts?

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Where is Horatio Cane?

I have been looking for him but I have not seen him yet will let you know if I do and then you can see me on CSI Miami!

Oh yeah and if you don't know who Horatio Cane is...

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Now I know what you are thinking here, Bmac has lost his mind! No, I haven't and I will explain why. I had to go to Ft Lauderdale/Miami today and needed to leave by noon to make it on time to go to a Presidential Debate tonight and then pick up Rachel's Grandmother and bring here back to Tampa.

That said I had a ton of work to get done prior to leaving and my morning started a downward spiral as customers started calling with all kinds of problems. So, as I drove past a gas station I HAD to stop at cause I was out of gas my phone was blowing up and I was more concerned with others needs than my pending doom.

Well next came a sputter, then silence. UGH!!!! I ran out of gas in the middle of no where and decided I would just walk to the gas station a couple of miles back.

As I walked and calculated the amount of time this would cost me, a ragged out van pulled over in front of me. At this point I think a little about "Deliverence" just because I am in the "Country" as I grab the door handle and look inside I think to myself if this guy is scary I am gonna run into the woods. Well sitting in this van is a little old man who speaks no English. He offers to give me a ride to the station and back to my car. As we drive he explains he is a pastor at a Seventh Day Adventist Church. He offers to buy my gas and then offers to give me money to fill up my car. I in turn try to give him money and he tells me no because he is "rico" or rich.
I guess rico is relative!

Now the fact that someone stopped for me this morning - is amazing!
Greater than that is the fact that this entire episode costs me only about 20 minutes. I called Rachel and she was in disbelief that I was already back on the road. As was I and I was the one driving!


Oh yeah thank you God!

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Tired & Proud

OK, so this is me driving to Jared's first cross country meet at five in the morning. I am so stinking tired I don't remember a photo being taken.

Now this is one of my proudest moments as a dad. My son coming in first for his school running his first ever race. Now he finished 118th racing as a Varsity racer when he is really Junior Varsity, his school has no seniors cause it is a first year school.

That said he did very well and will be racing Junior Varsity next week so he is sure to place higher up in the rankings.

He did great and I am proud.

Look for more photos and updates at the cross country team website, which I am also doing!

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The Best Beat Box EVA!!!

If you have not seen this, you really have not lived!

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Too much time on our hands or ingenious?

Motion Activated Sprinkler Vs Pigeons - Watch more free videos

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Oh I feel much better now!

OK, So I just got word Brittney Spears broke her heal and that is why she danced the way she did. I feel much better now!

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I Want mY MTV! Back

I did not watch the VMAs just caught glimpses of the debauchery and could not help but ask the following:

1. How does a station that plays no music videos, judge music videos?

2. Shouldn't MTV do the reality show awards which is what they play most?

3. Kid Rock and Tommy Lee belong in a trailer park, not on TV.

4. Is Dr. Dre getting ready for a career in baseball?

5. Artist need to stay with what they know, performing and stay out of politics!

6. Britney needs to find Jesus cause she is freakin lost!

7. Timbala nd ke you figure which one is which let me know?

8. MTV needs a coup!

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I started to watch this and thought "Oh Great" another cheesy Christian Skit! Well I have to say it and I hate to say it, but yes there were water works! Ugh, this was GEWD! Enjoy!

PS I Shut off the music so if you want to listen to music just click on the play button.

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“Music, the greatest good that mortals know, And all of heaven we have below.”

I added something new to the world of the sausage king and as you should have noticed by now, unless you have your volume turned all the way down.

That said what better band to have on the initial run than the best band in the whole world Pillar!

Let me know what you thoughts are about the player I already know you all love the music, just wondering what you think about it playing in the background?

P.S. If you don't like it you can shut if off!

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