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The Good, The Bad and Economic Stimulus...

Well we are about to journey to Tampa to go to the Super Bowl, it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. This person is going, this person is not, now they are, now they are not, we have a place to stay for a decent price, we don't, we have a place for free, we don't, we do! Suffice it to say much grace has been required to make it to today without being heavily sedated, just moderately!

So, here is the break down:

The Good - Four days of hanging out with my wife and no kids, Getting to go with another couple whom I would be comfortable with in any situation, Getting to go to the Super Bowl again, Getting to see family and friends. Traveling, I know I am sick, but I LOVE to travel.

The Bad - Never enough time to do everything, People who did not do what they said they would, a long day on Sunday.

The Stimulus Package - Well the stimulus package Bill was passed in the House today by 244-188 vote. I really was not sure whether that was a good thing or not till I read a break down of what the Bill was made up of. If you are curious there is a pretty good one here>. Now be for warned you will get sick and possibly violently ill upon reading this. I personally could not comprehend the scope of this, based on its shear overwhelming size! It is freaking HUGE!

How huge? Well it is going to cost every American $6709 each! That is correct you are paying almost seven grand to bail out the country! Now, you may be thinking that is not bad? Well let me assure you if you are a family of four you are now paying $28,000 to bail out the country! Yes, if you are born you are paying the $7K. What does this mean to you? Well obviously this is going to come in higher tax rates and you wont be making one lump sum payment so you wont feel the effects like a band aid being pulled off. You will feel it though and let me reassure you the amount of cash to be printed to pull off this trillion dollar deal is going to cut the value of the green you have in hand right now (and in your retirement account) in half or more!

The good news is our children's grandchildren will be better off as a result.

Good Times!

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Friday Funnies ;-)

These videos made me LOL...

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Past, Present and Future

I really enjoyed watching HIStory today and really think it is a testament to God we are blessed in these days to see such an advance in culture.

On another note, it snowed!

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What do you believe?

As I read this article I could not help but think how dumb could these people be? Then I was quickly reminded of my own self deceit into blindly believing unvalidated truth in my own life. It was not until I did the FACT finding and research, which was work I did not want to do, cause like the rest of the country, I am a lazy American!

I know it is easier to blindly follow with a group than stand out of the crowd and profess the truth you know, like Christ and his disciples did two thousand years ago. It is in getting off your tush and searching for the truth earnestly we find a God who loves us and wants a relationship not false religion.

Self-proclaimed Antichrist loses bid in divorce court to protect church assets

The Christmas season was not kind to the self-proclaimed Antichrist.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who gained international notoriety by declaring himself first to be Jesus Christ, then the Antichrist, roundly lost his divorce court bid to protect his church from financial claims by his most recent ex-wife.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Roberto Pineiro in Florida essentially ruled that De Jesus' Growing in Grace church was his personal business rather than a religious non-profit, and awarded Josefina de Jesus Torres the more than $2.2 million she sought in the divorce - the amount her lawyer deemed was half the assets of her ex-husband and his church.

"I think the judge did what was right and awarded Josefina what she was entitled to under the law," said Torres' lawyer, Norman Segall. "The church has millions of dollars ... and I'm sure if De Jesus issues an edict from up above that he needs money, it's available to resolve the situation."

The ruling marks a downturn in the fortunes of the colorful preacher, one that affects not just him but others in his life. His daughter JoAnn De Jesus is fighting contempt charges related to the case. His father and first wife face possible eviction from properties held in his and the church's names that the judgment awarded to Torres if he doesn't pay up this month.

De Jesus disappeared in August, when the judge declared him in contempt of court and ordered him to surrender to authorities for not paying Torres $15,000 a month in alimony. The divorce trial went ahead without him that month.

JoAnn has since testified that her father has been living in Houston - in a house that Torres could soon own, according to the ruling.

De Jesus' lawyer, Leonardo Renaud, is in the process of appealing the ruling and is filing a request to halt the property transfers until the appeal is heard.

"We obviously believe the ruling was incorrect, and there are a lot of different issues in the ruling that we take exception to," said Renaud. "It doesn't read so much like final judgment of dissolution of marriage, it's almost like an opinion regarding the man himself."

Church leaders called Pineiro's decision "ignorant."

"We clearly see that Pineiro's religious belief has influenced this decision, which evidences his desire to personally cause damage to our organization, thereby manifesting - much like the intentions of Ms. Torres - his wish to obtain monetary gain," church board member Alvaro Albarracin wrote in a statement. "His inexperience and ignorance in handling justice within family cases is made evident with this sentencing."

De Jesus exploded into popularity - and controversy - in the past few years after he declared himself to be Christ. He later claimed that his teachings replaced those of Jesus and so he should be called the Antichrist. He and his followers then began tattooing themselves with "666," a practice that generated protests and headlines.

Growing in Grace has since expanded to more than 300 churches in 30 countries, with De Jesus' sermons broadcast by satellite to thousands of households worldwide.

During the trial, de Jesus' representatives argued that neither he nor the church was as rich as Torres' team claimed, especially since the values of many of the properties have fallen in the past two years. They also said that donations have dropped since the start of divorce proceedings, with the revelation of de Jesus' tangled finances, including disclosures that he paid his first wife's alimony with church funds.

Many of his followers believe that De Jesus' divorce court difficulties are further proof that he is Jesus' Second Coming, quoting biblical prophecies of persecution such as Luke 17:25, which says "first, He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation."

"These life events are further proof that Jose Luis De Jesus is the reincarnation of the same spirit that dwelled in Jesus of Nazareth," said church member and spokesperson Axel Poessy. "We are privileged to be witnessing the days of the Son of Man, the last manifestation of God on Earth who is here to reign over all nations."

Torres was an ardent devotee of De Jesus when the pair began their relationship in 1999, which she said made her feel like "God himself had come to love me." The divorce carried them far from that lofty beginning, with a nasty round of accusations, including Torres' allegations of physical abuse and church members' descriptions of her as a gold-digging lesbian who wanted only to use him to achieve fame and wealth.

The December decision gave Torres a total of $642,000 in property, as well as the right to claim properties including the North Miami Beach apartment where de Jesus' father lives, the Puerto Rico condominium where his first wife resides, and de Jesus' current Houston home if the preacher does not pay the remaining $2.2 million.

In explaining his decision to treat de Jesus' and the church's finances as one, the judge wrote that de Jesus "dominates the ministry like only a god can.... In what other corporation does the board of directors literally worship the president?"

Daughter JoAnn, the ministry's finance manager, potentially faces contempt charges at a Jan. 21 hearing when she must explain why the church has not complied with an order to deduct Torres' alimony from de Jesus' salary.

De Jesus owes Torres $121,000 in back alimony, above and beyond the divorce judgment.

Shortly after the judge issued the August deduction order, JoAnn switched her father from a salary of approximately $21,000 a month to paying him as a private contractor, with monthly payments of about $12,000 a month. She began writing those checks to cash, which she then used to pay his bills.

In a November deposition, she said that she cut his salary because the church was in financial trouble, not because she was trying to avoid paying Torres' alimony.

"It just happened by coincidence, but the ministry could not afford him," she testified.

JoAnn said that the church has been kicked out of its Doral, Fla., location, and is being sued by the landlord for $80,000. The church now has a new meeting hall in Hialeah, Fla. She said that de Jesus - who often boasted of his lavish lifestyle and the "box ... of Rolexes" provided by donations from his followers - had closed one of his local bank accounts and had a negative balance in another.

Segall, the ex-wife's attorney, dismissed de Jesus' and the church's claims of poverty.

"We don't believe their poor-mouthing for a minute," said Segall. "I think he has plenty of resources, places where he has money or people holding money for him, and sooner or later he'll pay."

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It is easier to steal a dollar from a million people than a million dollars from one person?

Most people wouldn't even bother for $.25 and that is the brilliance in this scam!

Mysterious credit card charge may have hit millions of users

By Mitch Lipka Globe Correspondent / January 11, 2009

Several Internet complaint boards are filled with comments from credit card customers from coast to coast who have noticed a mysterious charge for about 25 cents on their statements.

The charge shows up on statements as coming from "Adele Services" in Melville, N.Y. There is no business by that name listed in Melville, or registered to any business anywhere in New York, for that matter.

Two theories of what is going on have advanced on message boards and among consumer advocates: Someone is trying to find out whether an illegally obtained credit card number will work before making a bigger charge, or they're trying to rip off tiny amounts from tons of people.

The latter theory has more credibility at the moment. The Better Business Bureau in Louisville reports that, at least so far, those who have been hit with the small charge have yet to get slammed with a bigger charge. The bureau speculates that the number of possible victims could be in the millions.

It's not clear how the numbers got in the hands of the people making the charge, but consumer advocates say it is most likely through either a data theft or someone using a computer to generate numbers.

Former Massachusetts assistant attorney general Edgar Dworsky, who runs, said the scam reminded him of an old adage: "It's easier to steal $1 from a million people than $1 million from one person," he said.

Most people, Dworsky said, are likely to overlook or ignore the small charge. "Isn't that the perfect scam, when the victim doesn't even know something has been taken?" he said.

Take a look at your credit card statements, and if the charge is there, don't let it slide. It's what the thieves want you to do. Instead, file a dispute with your credit card company, and lodge complaints with the Federal Trade Commission ( and the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( - which is run by the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Federal law enforcement officials tend to react when the complaints reach a certain volume.

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Fliping the Bird in Church?

I was in Church today and it was pointed out to me a woman had a cast on and was holding her arm up. Well it was strange way she was holding her hand, as I looked closer it looked like she was flipping the bird? I don't know whether this was conscious or not but either way I thought is was funny.

Oh yeah and my boy got to play in big service today for the first time! I am so proud :-)

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Come on Really? No fur reals? Really I mean Really?

I couldn't believe this when I read it, I honestly thought it was a joke. Next thing you know NAMBLA is going to ask for bailout money! If you don't know what NAMBLA here and no it is not a link to there site! This really is sad, though as with everything we only get this for we continue to practice the religion that is killing the moral fiber of our country...tolerance.

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