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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

I often times find myself talking to God without ever pausing to hear His response. I will go on and on and on and on and never once pause to wait to hear what He has to say? Funny how I can do that no matter what it is about. If it is good well then I suppose he does not have much to say except, "Your Welcome." If it is bad, then maybe it would serve me well to listen, it definitely could not hurt. BUT when it is ugly, I am sure I am missing it by not pausing to listen! Obviously, today it was ugly. What I don't like about being on salary is the more hours I work, the less I make per hour(FYI, I am just whining here). So nothing is worse than having to work a 14 1/2 hour day with out eating any lunch or dinner in a restaurant no less and in complete ugliness. The worse part about it is no mater how much I pray for and about it, I still miss my wife and kids. I leave they are in bed, I get home they are asleep in bed. Then I stopped and paused and you know what God said to me? "Now you know how I feel!" Ouch! That's not G E W D at all. Cause it is true. Like that cavity you are waiting to get filled, you can try and manage the pain and avoid cold until just so long and then WHAM it hits you, you forget and drink something cold. You may be asking yourself, "Where is he going with all this?" Good question, I know that if we spent as much time listening to God, as we do trying to deal with the Bad and Ugly, while working to increase the Good. The Good would come without working for it and the Bad and Ugly while still there would be far more manageable. Stop, listen you might hear something GEWD today!

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What's your rank?

It is one of the goals of every soldier. Rank yes they work and train to move forward in rank. It is funny how we all do the same thing. Yeah maybe not in the same way, but we do it! If I just get that house, if I am able to purchase that blouse, I am able to go to this event or if I can hang out with these people I am in! I can't imagine how it would feel if God showed up in the midst of it all? Turn from your sins and turn to God, because the Kingdom of Heaven is near. The Kingdom of Heaven is God! Take time to evaluate what is truly important in your life, God? Family? Friends? Things? People? Sacrifice? Forgiveness? We have been given the greatest gift of Love and Grace maybe we should pay it forward more and work for our life less? God wants us to bring the Kingdom of Heaven near, He wants us to bring it to the Earth cause eventually He will! What is your rank and how important is rank to you?

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What you believe in?

I am constantly hearing from many different sources you have to believe in God and Jesus in order to be saved and live a life with the Lord. I am left asking myself do I really need to believe in God as much as I need to believe that God believes in me? I read in the book of Job where in the midst of the horrible trials Eliphaz says to Job, don't you remember the words of encouragement the Lord shared with you in encouraging others through trials? The truth is God wants you to believe more that HE believes in you, because you can't believe that He believes in you without believing in Him. If you look at when Peter went to walk on water Jesus said, "You of little faith" faith in who? Faith in Jesus? Or faith in himself? The more you believe that God believes in you and your faith grows in yourself the further you can stretch yourself for the Lord.

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I don't know what the deal is but I am starting to freak out! Example being if Rachel has a photographic memory (which she does) I have a doodle memory. I was on the phone tellins someone how long we lived in our last house and I said two or three years. Well Rachel comes around the corner and says uh five! I am like what happened to the atleast two years? How could I not remember that? Is it true that the aluminum in my deodorant is causing me to loose my memory. Then I got to thinking about what it was like to be 6 Jaydens age and I could not remember? I tried 8 Jacksons age? Still no luck, then Jared 12, right? No LUCK! I can't remember earlier than like 13-14ish! I guess its not important but I am still concerned cause it is not just long term memory it can be short to. Like being told to go to the store for eggs and bringing back milk or something like that. Saying one thing and then finding out I did not say anything at all? Well no reason for this post I almost forgot why I posted it to begin with. Now I remember, to make you comment since you don't anymore! Oh yeah you know who you are cause I can't remember and your irresponsibility to our relationship is only making it worse. So for the love of my memory comment already!

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The Who The Why The When and The How

I listen to sermon after sermon and hear many different pastors preach and it never ceases to amaze me the way in which they complicate God and His Word. In using big words and a deep theological tone I hear over and over How to Live, Why I live, When I am to Live and Who I am. In forty days I can find my purpose, I didn't realize I lost it?

I am. Isn't that what He said, I am. Simple, like Love it is simple. Love's choice is not easy, but it is simple. I don't think knowing the rational behind the twelve toad stools can help me as much as Love. Every time we are hurt, mad, depressed or overcome with affliction, if we move in Love we have made the right decision and it all works out! I am = Love, if you want a great life choose a simple one, a life of Love! Maybe if we studied and mastered love we could move on to the more complex, but last I checked I had a ways to go!

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Christians Hate Sex

I was reading an article talking about how Christians are anti-sex and just blasted us it really aggrivated me. I found inspiration in a prayer from a wedding dating back to a 1559 Book of Common Prayer.

WITH this ring I the wed: with my body I the worship: and with all my worldly goodes, I the endow. In the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the holy Ghost. Amen.

What the reality is that Christians are the ones who know what really good sex is! It is sex with one person in a marriage in Christ for a lifetime. Not only that but it is my opinion, as the love and commitment grows so to does sex, because it is the fruit of the relationship in Christ. So the call to worship is the call to holiness, which is the call to good sex.

For those of you not married, it is the promise of true worship in the sexual union under God in covenant. To say no, is to say no to the idolatry of false gods who think that Sex is the ultimate, when it is God who is the ultimate! PEACE OUT! B

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All is quiet in New Years Day!

You would be proud of me, I went to this party and I only had one drink on New Years Eve!

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It is not just a mouth wash! It is defined as "The range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions." And I am often times perplexed at the range of peoples perceptions, thoughts and actions. Like someone saying to me they have to much time on their hands? Really, like they want to leave this Earth early due to boredom? My all time favorite has to do with actions, when someone asks me what time it is and points at their wrist. I don't point at my butt when I ask where the bathroom is, so why would you insult me by pointing at your wrist? Is this some kind of validation that they are not wearing a watch, like I would think you are going around trying to trick people into telling the time, when you really have a watch. I guess you just had too much free time on your hands aye? So the point is everything has scope, even God's Word has scope cause we all have different perceptions of the way things are. That said, the Bible is suppose to have scope, it is to be perceived constantly. How else are you going to make it relevant to your culture and life? This I believe is a good scope, unlike the mouth wash with dries your mouth out and gives you bad breath!

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I recently did this exercise and was unsurprised!

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

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