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The Who The Why The When and The How

I listen to sermon after sermon and hear many different pastors preach and it never ceases to amaze me the way in which they complicate God and His Word. In using big words and a deep theological tone I hear over and over How to Live, Why I live, When I am to Live and Who I am. In forty days I can find my purpose, I didn't realize I lost it?

I am. Isn't that what He said, I am. Simple, like Love it is simple. Love's choice is not easy, but it is simple. I don't think knowing the rational behind the twelve toad stools can help me as much as Love. Every time we are hurt, mad, depressed or overcome with affliction, if we move in Love we have made the right decision and it all works out! I am = Love, if you want a great life choose a simple one, a life of Love! Maybe if we studied and mastered love we could move on to the more complex, but last I checked I had a ways to go!

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