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It is not just a mouth wash! It is defined as "The range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions." And I am often times perplexed at the range of peoples perceptions, thoughts and actions. Like someone saying to me they have to much time on their hands? Really, like they want to leave this Earth early due to boredom? My all time favorite has to do with actions, when someone asks me what time it is and points at their wrist. I don't point at my butt when I ask where the bathroom is, so why would you insult me by pointing at your wrist? Is this some kind of validation that they are not wearing a watch, like I would think you are going around trying to trick people into telling the time, when you really have a watch. I guess you just had too much free time on your hands aye? So the point is everything has scope, even God's Word has scope cause we all have different perceptions of the way things are. That said, the Bible is suppose to have scope, it is to be perceived constantly. How else are you going to make it relevant to your culture and life? This I believe is a good scope, unlike the mouth wash with dries your mouth out and gives you bad breath!

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