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Draw near to God and He will draw near to You!

First off, I am blessed to anounce I have been able to attend Joel Osteen's Church and WOW what a church. Second, you may say to yourself as I would, "I could never go to a church with 57,000 people attending." Well after going I will tell you that I could attend this church. Why? Well first of all I was amazed of the number of people who introduced themself to me and who talked to me. I also enjoyed the company of such a diverse and sincere crowd. Suffice it to say I really enjoyed the service and the messages were incredible. It was actually Joel's sister who inspired me for this blog.

You have to move in order for God to move. Bottom line? It is not where you start it is where you finish! I have heard if before and never really understood how to finish in the way God wants me too. So how do we do finish first?
We need to feed our spirit. We can't go more than a couple of days without food, if we don't eat we die! Well, the same is true with our spirit, if we don't feed it, it is like our body. It gets weak and eventually will die. So how do you feed your spirit? Through spending time with God. Through reading the Word, Prayer and helping others.

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The beautiful ones

If only we were all what God calls us to be? I don't know why, but we all run from what God calls us to be. I may not know where I am going, I may not know what I need, but one thing is for certain I know what I want. That is GOD. It is easy to warm up to the one we think is beautiful, but try to warm up to an ugly person. That is God. You say how can that be God? You are ugly! Yeah, that's right, is there any sin in your life? If you are a human being then the answer is yes! So, yes you harbor ugliness in you life in a way only God can see. Being transparent can cause you to call yourself for who you really are. A no good rotten low life with nothing, but self providing intentions. If my kids do right I am ok? If I can make it through this week without cheating, all is ok? Wrong! Love is blind, dumb, and fun? Yeah that is right. What if you were told you had one hour to live? What would you do? Would you get drunk? Would you sit and piss and moan about it? Or would you look to what would bring you the most Joy? Your strength is found in Joy? Choose to enjoy it and you will be strong? Most of us think that if joy finds us we will be happy, but truth be told, if we make the choice to find joy we will be strong! So choose joy and help others to find it and God will honor it! So where am I going with all this? Well I have a calling on my life as do all of you. If I deny this calling I can search and search for my joy, but it will always allude me. If I relent to it, repent and give God credence I will find Joy eternal and success beyond my wildest dreams. Do what you fear them most and be relentless in what God has called you to be and you will reap a reward beyond your wildest dreams! God Love You and Keep You where He has chosen you to be! Not where you want to be!

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Thankfulness depends on what is in your heart, not what is in your hand.

What keeps us from others? It is interesting cause I have heard many things from many people. Yet one thing rains true that most people don't want to admit. Pride. That's right, pure unadulterated pride! God says pride lands you flat on your face. Pride is why we bless God with the same tongues we cures others with. Who has not been somewhere and looked at another with disgust, disdain, or just outright "I am better than them." What sets us apart from others is nothing more than God's grace. So, how do we show appreciation for the grace God has given to him? We spit in his face by denying others the same love He has shown us. I know I am guilty of it and I have to constantly remind myself that Jesus never saw people as bad, only lost. When we start to see people the same way we honor God's grace for us. Not only that we encourage Him to show us even more grace in our areas of need. Instead of seeing people as society does, being net-worth equaling self-worth start seeing people as God does not for the package, but the contents.

P.S. I am starting to read my posts before I publish them hope it is better!

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Life Exists without People?

If you ask me what is wrong with the world today it is that we are able to exist without interacting in a genuine matter with other human beings. Let me explain, I wake up and need to get gas, I go to SAM'S Club and buy gas there is no humans in sight. I need to get some groceries so I go to Wal-Mart and get in line with others who look ahead for the end of the line, because we are trained that waiting in line is bad (just as a side note; I remember a time when I was waiting in line with my three boys and a lady in front of me was complaining about something an using every experlative in the book and what I wanted to say to the lady was "Can you cuss a bit more in front of my kids!" yet I smiled at her and I empathize with her and said good bad and ugly we are all God's kids, suffice it to say she was ugly and I will never forgot her face when I said that, she looked at me and smiled and said "Yeah it is too bad there isn't a law against stupidity." Well not exactly the revelation I was looking for, but she stopped cussing.) So, instead of waiting in line at Wal-Mart I get into the self-check line and check myself out. Again dealing with no people. I continue about my day and have no instances of dealing with people? What is wrong with the interaction removed from society? Is is possible to exist and not interact with others? Yes! Is that wrong? Yes, why did God create you? For relationship! Why did he create others? For relationship! It is the enemies plan to separate us from ourselves so that we can become more accustom to being alone without him or anyone for that matter. I say revolt, resist, reach out to others. If you are lonely and hurting chances are others are too! The great commission? Find them and Love them as you wish to be loved! Show them God through you faith not fear. We are becoming such a closed society with so many avenues to open up which are squelched by the Dark side. We need to stand up for who we are and become who He had called us to be.

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Who are we really?

I think we look at society and see a viagra commercial and God looks at society and sees Oysters. We are so desperate to be who we are not and always working to be something more than what should be. We need to stop and be content with who we are. God says you are made in His image. You are made in His image? I am made in HIS image, not my image, but HIS. Hey guess what so are you. Do you want to feel like it? Sure you do as do I. So how do we accomplish this? Botox? Jenny Craig? Plastic Surgery? How about a personal trainer? NO! Why not start treating everyone you meet like they are made in GOD'S image and are His sons and daughters. Try it. I promise it will change your perspective of you.

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A day in the life and who I admire!

I think we all suffer from some hypocrisy from time to time, but it is funny how you see some people as more transparent than others. I had the great opportunity to spend the day with Rob at a show in Dallas. I drove in and hung out with Beaugh and Scott and well as you can see someone is compensating for a size issue aye?

Well, I have been to hundreds of concerts in my life time and this was bar far one of the best, Rob and the boys did the most excellent job! But the funny thing is that I have been to plenty of shows with Rob and others in the music industry and I have missed something that I had seen yesterday that has revealed to me why I admire Rob and appreciate his friendship. He has grown so much and this scripture sums it up to me; Proverbs 17:27 A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered. Rob puts everything into what he does and just gives till it hurts and I see him walk off stage emotionally and physically exhuasted and then what? He is bombarded from one person to the next and the funny thing is he does not say much. He just listens to each person say what they have been rehearsing they would say knowing they would get to meet him and he just sits and patiently listens and tries to make them feel as special as he can. It is a very selfless thing to watch once you realize what is going on. Anyway I admire him for what he does and knowing who he is just makes it that more special. Love ya bro!

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A covering for a wheel, usually made of rubber reinforced with cords of nylon, fiberglass, or other material and filled with compressed air.
I have been sitting on an idea for quite some time and God has been stirring it up in me. In the mean time the Devil has been trying to unstir it up in me saying, "what a stupid idea," "this is to outrageous," "too big for you to do," "what makes you think you will succeed?"
I know that God has put this in my head, Proverbs 2:2 says 2Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.
God gives us the ability to tune into His wisdom and give us understanding. So you ask what does the definition of a tire have to do with this?

This was one mans stupid idea for a tire which he has held onto for sometime. Well, this is said to redifine the definition of tire? The air quotient is missing here?

Well if this takes off it will revolutionize the tire industry as we know it. Bottomline if you know who God wants you to be then it is your responsibility to act on it and His to provide the means.

Faith without works is dead; is often in the perspective of Man doing the work as a result of his faith in God, but if you reverse it and look at God having faith in you without you doing the work, it is dead. Meaning that God knows the begining and the end we just have to choose to run the race to get there. Don't be discouraged he has faith in you and your works will create life!

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Matthew 11:28 Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

I use to think that I had to be busy to be fruitful as a Christian. Boy was I wrong in fact Scripturally speaking, "Come away...all by yourselves and rest a while" ( Mark 6:31 ). Mark explains that "Many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat." Sound familiar? Constant hurry is the mark of an un-prioritised life. It's a sign that second and third things have become first things. So, what should be first? Well I have found that first is your relationship with God, then family, then fullfilling your commitment to God.

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So you are probabley asking what does Eddie Money have to do with pictures, nothing! Just thought it was a cool intro to the photos of where we are at so here it is, Enjoy!

The Entrance

YES! Starbucks


The Fountain

The Club House

The Pool

The neighborhood

The courtyard


As soon as we get the inside done will have them up for ya! Bless!

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