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Well in spite having to A. Having to wait for my contract to run out with Sprint in April, and B. Apple/Cingular to release the new I-Phone this summer I have this!

OK, so it is not the I-Phone, but it will tie me over till it actually does hit the streets! Basically, it is a theme for your Palm desktop that is now been all but removed from the Internet cause of the threat of a class action suit. If you are running palm software and want it let me know!


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OK, Well it is moving along here is an update as of today!
We have paint and the interior is coming along, YEAH!
God is so good!

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The Original Master Card

The odds of buying a house right now?
The fact that God's Favor and Blessings surpass all odds?
This is our new home! It will be finished in February and we will be moving! We are so blessed and excited! God is so awesome!
Will post more pictures as the progress moves forward.


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Who are you?

I saw a book once called Battlefield of the Mind and though I did not read it I thought to myself, "Yeah right what battlefield?" Funny thing is as I grow in my relationship with God I am starting to see that more and more I am the result of my thoughts, expectations and beliefs. I am starting to see that as I believe I become. As I believe in who I am in God's eyes, not the world's I grow. It is a constant battle for sure though. The world is constantly trying to pull you into defeat, poverty and despair. The enemy's goal is for you to quit, not moving backward just staying right where you are at in the mundane. God wants you and I to grow and go beyond. I was reading about favor and read to confess it in everything. So, I was like OK as kookie as I feel I am doing it. Well it is funny how even in the little things I saw the favor of God. I had a guy I deal with throughout the week and he is usually, "Not so nice" as Borat would say. Anyway, not only was he nice to me yesterday he went out of his way on TWO separate occasions to help me. Then to top it off he loaded my car for me? I thought, What the heck is that? And of course God answered me, He said that is favor my son! Well as you walk, work, shop and live remember it is not who you are that counts as much as WHOSE you are. I know I am not Abefroeman, The Sausage King of Chicago, I am the son of God!

Peas B With You!

" Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new and
different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think."
(Romans 12:2)

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Politics, Passion and Peeps

OK, so I am not the most political of creatures to start. That said I have a good friend "Todd" who will be a Congressman minimally and Governor eventually. Todd gets me involved in all these fun political events like Charlie Crist's pre-election party. Of course we have to stand and wave signs in front of all four television news networks including my favorite Univision. Finally, we get to go out and do sign blitzes at 1:30 A.M. It makes you feel like your sixteen again it is really cool. Then to top it off Katherine Harris waited to meet me (actually cause Todd asked her too, but who cares right?) at 11:30P.M. the night before the election which was really awesome! The bottom line watch for me on TV in the future as a campaign manager or legislative director of sign blitzer or something in the not to distant future!

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