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Politics, Passion and Peeps

OK, so I am not the most political of creatures to start. That said I have a good friend "Todd" who will be a Congressman minimally and Governor eventually. Todd gets me involved in all these fun political events like Charlie Crist's pre-election party. Of course we have to stand and wave signs in front of all four television news networks including my favorite Univision. Finally, we get to go out and do sign blitzes at 1:30 A.M. It makes you feel like your sixteen again it is really cool. Then to top it off Katherine Harris waited to meet me (actually cause Todd asked her too, but who cares right?) at 11:30P.M. the night before the election which was really awesome! The bottom line watch for me on TV in the future as a campaign manager or legislative director of sign blitzer or something in the not to distant future!

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At 2:11 PM, Blogger Brian and Rachel said...

wow, you are soooo cool!!!


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