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Signs Signs Everywhere is Signs

I took this photo from Brad Saab's Facebook. Brad is a great guy and fellow former Flordia now North Carolina boy. The reason I took it was for the sign in the background. I states in case you can't read it, NO PROLONGED UNDERWATER SWIMMING OR BREATH HOLDING ALLOWED? HELLO? Define prolonged? Unless you are David Blaine most people can hold their breath for like two minutes tops. Even still what is the big deal are you going to assume that because you are swimming the length of the pool underwater you must be drowning? I have seen some dumb signs before but this one really makes me wish I was a fly on the wall for the decision to do this one?

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You do what?

In my position with the Church I get to work with a varied group of vendors. This is a a business card of one of them, can you guess what industry this individual is in?

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Nothing is more frustrating then trying to get something to work and it wont! I had started Podcasting our services a few weeks ago and had used the tutorial to get the Podcast up on iTunes. Well to say that something Apple wrote was flawed would be considered a sin by some. So, I won't say it is flawed just missing a few KEY details about writing an RSS feed. After two weeks and way to many hours of playing with the code at 4:59P.M. yesterday I gave it my final college try!

This morning I got the e-mail from iTunes and clicked the hyperlink and to my delight! SUCCESS! Please celebrate by subscribing, or if nothing else listen to "A Different Perspective" it not only is the shortest message, but one of my favorites.
As with iTunes we will be searchable in a few days, but in the mean time click here to subscribe or check it out.

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Real or Memorex?

I have seen, heard and been a part of fallen leadership through the years and the recent turmoil with Mike G. is why like death and taxes one absolutes I live my life by is man will let you down where God won't.

As for the song I still love it and listen to it, believe it was God inspired and while the man who wrote it lied to the world about the nature of his affliction he was still afflicted.

For the man I pray for him and his family, that they would be restored, forgiven and accepted into the family of Christ, just as we have been.

Also, for the ones who call him names and show hate and anger toward Mike I feel sorry. Sorry, because they allow bitterness and unforgivingness to reside in their hearts.

The best thing that should come of all this is being missed. The message of how powerful and damaging porn is! The world looks at porn and does not see the devastation it causes to a mans mind. It is still swept under the carpet by the church and embraced by secular society. Truth is it is often overlooked in causation for mental and criminal depravity. This is a HUGE problem and GROWING! If we don't stand up to it and bring it to the forefront of discussion it will continue to devastate men and the lives of the families they touch.

As for the song and it's meaning, I BELIEVE IT IS REAL!

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Purple and Gold

ECU(East Carolina University) is the local University here with about 30K students in attendance, yes a ministry in it of itself and a very cool school as well. The only complaint I really have about this town is the school colors. I just find it so hard to get into Purple and Gold(Really Yellow, but don't tell them that!). The other day I looked for a cool hat or shirt and just could not bring myself to say "Hey that one looks cool!" and buy it. I know we are really blessed to be here and I am just being petty, but you have to understand I have been a Bucs fan my whole life and while they have cool colors now for years they were the UGLY DUCKLING of the NFL. So, I kind of have stigma when it comes to the colors.

On another note I was running this morning and was comparing the run to running in Tampa and while from a nature scene Tampa has it beat hands down, here the beauty comes more from the people. It does not matter whether they are in the car or in the front yard EVERYONE is so stinkin friendly and waves to me as I run by like I have known them my entire life! It has been awesome to see God's will manifest in our family.

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I get asked over and over and over so once and for all!


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Too much free time on his hands!

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One Day Closer

As I am one day closer to the end of my life I come to realize how great our God is...
First, my oldest turns fifteen. Quite a shock to the system of time and relative aging as I can see myself only with young children, not ones who have shoes two sizes bigger than me! We had a small party which turned quite big and was so nice to see such an amazing group of friends come to see him.

Second, I got to meet William P. Young yesterday the author of "The Shack" if you have not read this book READ IT NOW! It will change your mind and your relationship with God! He was truly an amazing man and spoke from the heart insane!

Finally, I love my Church/Job hard to comprehend both being the same thing?

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Just in time for Christmas!

In case you are wondering what you can get me for Christmas that I can REALLY use!

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