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Nothing is more frustrating then trying to get something to work and it wont! I had started Podcasting our services a few weeks ago and had used the tutorial to get the Podcast up on iTunes. Well to say that something Apple wrote was flawed would be considered a sin by some. So, I won't say it is flawed just missing a few KEY details about writing an RSS feed. After two weeks and way to many hours of playing with the code at 4:59P.M. yesterday I gave it my final college try!

This morning I got the e-mail from iTunes and clicked the hyperlink and to my delight! SUCCESS! Please celebrate by subscribing, or if nothing else listen to "A Different Perspective" it not only is the shortest message, but one of my favorites.
As with iTunes we will be searchable in a few days, but in the mean time click here to subscribe or check it out.

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