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Real or Memorex?

I have seen, heard and been a part of fallen leadership through the years and the recent turmoil with Mike G. is why like death and taxes one absolutes I live my life by is man will let you down where God won't.

As for the song I still love it and listen to it, believe it was God inspired and while the man who wrote it lied to the world about the nature of his affliction he was still afflicted.

For the man I pray for him and his family, that they would be restored, forgiven and accepted into the family of Christ, just as we have been.

Also, for the ones who call him names and show hate and anger toward Mike I feel sorry. Sorry, because they allow bitterness and unforgivingness to reside in their hearts.

The best thing that should come of all this is being missed. The message of how powerful and damaging porn is! The world looks at porn and does not see the devastation it causes to a mans mind. It is still swept under the carpet by the church and embraced by secular society. Truth is it is often overlooked in causation for mental and criminal depravity. This is a HUGE problem and GROWING! If we don't stand up to it and bring it to the forefront of discussion it will continue to devastate men and the lives of the families they touch.

As for the song and it's meaning, I BELIEVE IT IS REAL!

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