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Women Vs. Men

I am often perplexed by the difference between Men and Women, especially being married to one. By the way the on/off switch for the woman does not work!

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Life is

Does not matter where you are or what you are doing as long as you are with family for Christmas. What a great time of year to share with the ones you love. I saw a guy walking accross the Causeway today and he was homeless and alone. I hurt for him not because he is homeless, but because he is alone. I am so blessed to have people in my life. As God I am sure is blessed to have you in his life. Rejoice and praise him for this season is not only a time to be thankful for what we have, but also to appreciate why God made us and keeps us with our families, you, me, Him and all of us together! He is so flippin awesome! I Love our God! I Love all of you! Life is Merry Christmas to All! All of you and All year round!

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Porn Hits Video Games?

If you have a chance you need to watch this!

Think no? How about these facts to encourage you:


How did an industry that used to be represented by PacMan and Donkey Kong turn into Leisure Suit Larry and Extreme Thong Volleyball? 2004 was the year of porn and sex in video games and Wally along with Mike and Craig at XXXChurch took notice.


• Game industry worldwide video game annual sales reached $20 billion (Cohen, 2000).
• In households with children, 67% own a video game system (Subrahmanyam et al, 2001).
• In a report by the Federal Trade Commission, of 118 "M" rated games, 70% were targeted to children under 17 years of age (FTC, 2000).
• Unaccompanied children, ages 13 to 16, were able to buy "M" rated video games 85% of the time (FTC, 2000).

Advertising Stats

•The average 18 year old has already watched 22,000 hours of television including 350,000 commercials. This is more than the total hours spent in schools (912,000 hours by the end of high school)

•By age 70 these kids will have watched TV for 7 to 10 years.

•TV exposes children to more than 14,000 sexual situations and innuendoes per year.

The Money

•59 in-game spots have been getting a record average of $2.4 million per 30-second commercial.
That's $80,000 per second.

I only ask you to think about how this affects your kids and why it is so important to instill in them the Word and Godly value, if not you are letting tv do it!

Peace B

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Now husband can sit on the right and watch the game, while the wife watches Beaches on the left side of the couch. Who says technology isn't improving?

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Something Good!

OK, I am not a huge fan, but after watching the trailer I really want to see this one!

click here

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A Funk? A Friend? And Family?

I can't tell you how blessed I am. That said, I am going through a time of transition in my life and raising the bar a bit. The standards I once believed were just my level are no more. God has revealed to me that my level is only limited by Our own potential (Our being God and Me). I know God's level is a lot higher I just have to wrap my mind around it. Still I feel kind of in a Funk. Why? Well I love life and what God has done with mine. I don't worry about much anymore, and God honors that. I am so in Love with my wife, and God honors that too. I have three of the best behaved boys who I also love and trust their lives to Christ, and God honors that as well. The lesson? God Honors Trusting Him, Right Behaviour and Attitudes. Being here has only been hard in one area for me, and that is friends. Not like hey lets have dinner, or eat after church. But the type of friend like I have in which I would go to lunch and vomit my hopes, fears, and anger, then get checked against the glass for being such a wuss. The answer, keep on keepin on, and God will honor it. I know my wife misses Lil Jean incredibley as do I, but I also miss my friend as well, I miss those good lunch talks. Oh well, friend if you are reading this and I doubt you are, you are your missed, God is faithful and just. I am just venting in a public forum and wanting to say appreciate what you have today, for today should be better than tomorrow and if tomorrow happens to be better than today, PRAISE GOD either way we win! Thanks for listening!

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What I want of Christmas?

Yeah know sometimes I see a car or bike that I would like to own, but ya know if it meant one less minute with my wife and kids, No thanks. I have everything I could ever want right in front of me now, God is Awesome! OK, THERE IS ONE THING, I WANTED A FLAT SCREEN TV. ONCE AGAIN GOD HELPED ME GET CREATIVE AND I MADE MY OWN! PRETTY COOL AYE?

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Man this new Vista OS is great I love that start screen, finally Microsoft is letting you see what you have to look forward to right from the get go!

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What makes you happy?

Sometimes, it is simple, sometimes not? But all of us find happiness in certain things. I once heard if your gonna be dumb, you better be tough and if you are gonna be happy, you better make room for friends. Why? Cause dumb people will hurt themselves through stupid actions and funny people are a joy to be around. That said, find your happiness and choose to sorround yourself with it. So, What makes me happy? My wife and boys! And Florida! And My Family! And a nice warm day with the ones I love! A Date! A Convertible! BUT MOST OF ALL ME! I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY AND GUESS WHAT THERE I AM! GOD LOVE YOU AND CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! IT WILL BE HONORED! SO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

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