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The New Blog!

OK, so I know that only a few people visit my blog, but for those that do I am asking you to check out our new blog. This is a huge deal for our family and if any of you are so inclined please keep us in your prayers and if you are even more inclined donate to the cause.

So, click on the picture below!

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Well I hope you all had a great turky day I know we did! We got to spend it with the Daigles and it was awesome, we love them so much and can't wait to see them again. The boys had a blast and were on the trampoline from Sun up to well past Sun down. Here are some pics from the trip!

Thanks again to Pastor, Elder, Prophet Jeff and The Kerri!

Just looking at the photos makes me smile!

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I am sitting back drinking my Cuban coffee (which is the best coffee in the World!) and check my blog and see Lunarworld post a link to a video. Well let me tell you what it is now apparent that either A. We conspired my last post. B. Total coincidence! C. Betsy spends way too much time on the internet!

Well suffice it to say I could not have scripted this so enjoy and thank you Betsy you ROCK!

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I love that in life there are equalizers. You know the things in life that no matter how rich or important you get you still have to deal with! Below is my top ten, if you have any better please share!

10. Death, yeah I know everyone has to die and even though you spend a million dollars on cryovacing yourself, your still dead!
9. Birth, as uncomfortable as it may going down that long tight hallway we all have to come out sooner or later!
8. Waking up, some later than others but here again sooner or later you got to wake up!
7. Getting Sick, ok you may be able to pay for all sorts of prevention, but yes this too will happen to you!
6. Farting, even though Donald Trump wipes his but with $100 bills he still lets them rip!
5. Poo, although we don't ever picture Oprah going with as much as she eats trust me she does.
4. Hair, now some people loose it, all will gain growth in places they don't want with age.
3. Boogers, Oh yeah you can be as stealth as you want to when picking them, we all know though cause we all do it! Maybe not all of us eat them?
2. Acne, cover it up, photo shop it, there is no denying that some time some where you had a zit!
1. Traffic, this is my personal favorite! There is nothing like looking over and seeing Mr. or Mrs. Fancy Pants late for the country club and getting all frustrated in their Rolls or Bentley.

Truth is, it is these "equalizers" that help me to see God really does have a sense of humor!

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OK, So you want to talk about being spontaneous. Tuesday the 14th I pick up Jared early from school and drove to Orlando where we met up with my friend Brian Whalen. Brian is a good friend from High School. From there we drove to Jacksonville for the Days of Reckoning Tour and saw Pillar, Day of Fire, Decyfer Down and Showdown. It was cool cause I got to hang with Rob and the Boys from Pillar we had a blast! Also, we watched a great show cause they freakin rocked the house down!

I think the revelation for me came when I found myself in a mosh pit with my SON!!!!! Did I ever think the day would come when I would share the pit with my boy! Man do I feel old!

Well if that was not enough we did not get home till after 4AM and yes we were up at 630 for work! Now that reminded me of the old days of partying, without the hangover!

The pics did not come out to well sorry!


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Where the heck does time go?

I mean I have it now but yeah there it goes again.

I can't truly believe all time goes into history?

Time has to go some where of signifigance, if not then what are we doing here?

I think the only thing that frustrates me to no end is having time then loosing it. I'll give you an example, I have my entire day planned out with plenty of margin and then KABOOM!!!! All H E double hockey sticks breaks looses and my whole plan is set back and I start playing the Superman game. You know that game you play where you pretend to be Superman and fly around town (office, you fill in the blank with what is applicable) at such a speed that you reverse the rotation of the Earth to turn back time and make up what you lost. And yet, I never seem to get the Earth to budge, not even an inch. Sucks!

Its not always this way though, the opposite is not remembering the what you did or why you did it, but hey who cares your driving home! Truth is when it is all said and done and you are 113 years old and about to die from a Jealous Husband what is important? Is it gonna matter you rushed or slothed along?

Why not try this today, drive five miles under the speed limit all day and see if you notice anything different.

Second take a walk today on your own for five minutes, you can stop for five minutes and walk, shut the Crackberry off, and walk!

Trust me we are not that important that a five minute walk or driving five minutes under the speed limit will cause the end of the world. It may change yours though?

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