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I love that in life there are equalizers. You know the things in life that no matter how rich or important you get you still have to deal with! Below is my top ten, if you have any better please share!

10. Death, yeah I know everyone has to die and even though you spend a million dollars on cryovacing yourself, your still dead!
9. Birth, as uncomfortable as it may going down that long tight hallway we all have to come out sooner or later!
8. Waking up, some later than others but here again sooner or later you got to wake up!
7. Getting Sick, ok you may be able to pay for all sorts of prevention, but yes this too will happen to you!
6. Farting, even though Donald Trump wipes his but with $100 bills he still lets them rip!
5. Poo, although we don't ever picture Oprah going with as much as she eats trust me she does.
4. Hair, now some people loose it, all will gain growth in places they don't want with age.
3. Boogers, Oh yeah you can be as stealth as you want to when picking them, we all know though cause we all do it! Maybe not all of us eat them?
2. Acne, cover it up, photo shop it, there is no denying that some time some where you had a zit!
1. Traffic, this is my personal favorite! There is nothing like looking over and seeing Mr. or Mrs. Fancy Pants late for the country club and getting all frustrated in their Rolls or Bentley.

Truth is, it is these "equalizers" that help me to see God really does have a sense of humor!

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Check this out.


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