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OK, I have to say it has not been easy to blog as of late. First, because it seems that Facebook has taken over where blogging left off and second I think I was a little burnt out on it. So, I have decided to freshin things up and start a new. I will post up on Facebook and Twitter when I put up a new post and notify all accordingly.

That said here we go! I have been through a tough couple of months and while bad things have happened a lot of good is starting to come out of it. We have seen some major challenges with regard to our family and I am happy to say that if you follow the Apostle Paul's example and quit when your finished and not when you are tired you can make a lot happen! I have also seen a great awakening in recent weeks in the leadership of our Church. I have been praying hard for it and finally it is starting. We had an amazing meeting on Saturday between the Elders and Leadership and it seems like the start of something GREAT! I don't want to give out to many details as of late, but suffice it to say that we have had to ask the hard question of WHY DO WE DO CHURCH?


We answered to the later and there for need to change accordingly and have a plan too! It is really exciting when you look at the possibilities of what can be! I am excited about the coming months as we are about to enter into a new season. I hope you will come along for the ride!

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