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If you only knew the power of the dark side!

OK, I saw it I am a geek I know. It is over done with, finished no more. Or is it? Well truth is that we look at things as humans with absoluteness, ever heard the saying all good things must come to an end? I don't believe that saying to be true. Why? Because God is Good and He is Eternal. The fact is we do underestimate the power of the dark side. How, well you have a bad day? Do you do something wrong? Ever let jealousy stand in the way of a friendship? Does not matter what the question if it has to do with the dark side it is power over us. We must keep the power of the Light side in front of us and stop to enjoy life. There is nothing wrong with proper future planning, but if that is all you live for than you are allowing the dark side to rule your life. God wants people to make the right choices now and live for the day he has made, TODAY! Go forth and keep hold of joy for finding peace in a peaceless world is truly defeating the dark side!

PS Even Darth turned to joy in the end!

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Servants Servers and Networks

This picture is pretty cool because it is the mayor of San Francisco and he is washing a homeless guys feet. I don't agree with the mayors views on many issues. I do applaud him for one thing though, ACTION. I have been struck by something recently that I have noticed is becoming less and less prevalent in our society and that is doing something. As we become busier and busier and our schedules dictate more and more time devoted to work, school, church, kids, the gym, reading, or whatever I think we miss it. We do nothing when we stop to analyze it. I challenge everyone of you to take one day this week and do something every chance you get. I don't mean for yourself either. If you see someone in need do something. No-one and I mean no one is without human contact at least once in your day for most it is many times. When you see someone say something nice to them, "That shirt looks good on you!" When you go to the gas station buy someone's gas for them. When you go for lunch pay for someone you don't know. Before you open the wrapper on that candy bar, hand it to someone else. God put you on this earth to serve to be served, to give to receive, and to love to be loved. I was listening to Larry King interview Joyce Myer and she had a lot of things that were good to say but the one thing she said that made the most lasting impression was when Larry asked her how she knew that God was real and Jesus was the way, she did not hesitate to say He works, you can believe in a lot. But by believing in him and acting accordingly he honors that and he WORKS!

OK, you want to see it, take a piece of paper and write down "DO SOMETHING" and post it where you can see in your office or where ever and when someone walks in do something nice for them! I PROMISE YOU GOD WILL HONOR IT YOU WILL SEE!

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OK, so you got all know about YaGooHoogle by now. Well it is no more as of June 1st. Cause as you know having people use the two side by side well that would tell you something now wouldn't it? Well I kind of likin it to downloading illegal media. Once it is out there it is out there! So, how you say well check check check it out!


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OK, so I got a call from a local DJ on Tuesday and he asked if I could do a cater on Saturday for the Diverse City World Tour. I said yes, obvioulsy not for the money, but for my families opportunity to meet and hang out with the bands. So, I know I am selfless aye?

This is Ra and Ja with Jason the lead singer from Hawk Nelson, I have to say he was a very awesome guy! Hung with the boys all night, which is a feat in it of itself.

Yeah I think the whole celebrity thing is starting to get to Rachet, either that or the moving.

These are the boys with the only true celebrity, Toby Mac's son Truid.

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The hypocrisy of being the star

I read a post from someone about loving Jesus, but not loving the church. I hate to read people taking solictice in being cooler or better than the church, it is easy to see what is wrong from the outside looking in. I posted once about life being a movie. The continuation of this is if each of our lives is like a movie what role do you play? Are you the damzul in distress, waiting for God to save you? Are you the hero, saving everyone from perishing? Or are you the one always coming up smelling like roses on the misery of others? I heard an awesome sermon today which really summed it up. God wants you to be the humble servant living the life of balance and testimony.
Can people love Christ and live in harmony on earth? I use to be Catholic and mad at the religion because of the fear I was put through as a child. I was wrong to be mad at a religion. That said, we must love one another and unite. Piousness is not going to lead anyone in love.

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What's Love got to do with Loss Living and Leaving?

I am standing at the airport watching my father leave for what might be the last time I will ever see him. I stand and watch as the plane is boarded and taxis back off the runway. I stand and watch the plane take off and someone beside me says, "Its gone." Gone where? Gone from my vision, this is all; it is just as large when I saw it last. The size and loss of sight are in me, not it.
Just at the moment someone says "Its gone" there is someone watching it coming and they are saying "Here it comes!"
You may have loss, but remember there is no winner without a looser, no truth without a lie, no love without hate and no will without choice. Take solstice in the fact that someone has gained so much by your loss and choose to rejoice in their gain. This is truly the most selfless of all Love.

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I guess this is what it is going to look like as we move. We sold the casa, found out today for certain, after doubts with the buyer cause we had to pier the garage. Anyway muse as normal, feeling a little "I don't know" right now, don't really know what it is. Is that a double entendre?
Well at least we had 05/05/05!

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Life in the movies, I love to go to movies, which I think is good. My wife does not like to go to movies, which I think is bad (in a selfish kind of way). But I think that the reason I like to go to movies is because it reminds me that our lives are like movies or stories being played out everyday. The funny thing is that we are like all the famous ones, not only do we star in the movie, but we direct it as well. Think about it? You have so much power you just don't realize it. You decide what your movie is gonna be? Drama, Comedy, Love Story, Action or Horror. So you may say I think God is the director, I disagree, God is the studio putting up his everything so that we can make our movie a hit. Because he gives us free will, we control our movie and must be weary of that authority cause it is the series of choices by the director (you) that make the movie a hit or failure. The only real difference is that we are looking to please the Studio not the masses at the box office with our movie. Truth be told by pleasing the Studio in the short run the box office will appreciate it in the long run. Bless Ya ABE

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I know you have been looking

but I found it!
Yes thats right I was sent this today, Pam Anderson has a blog?

Finally, I know this is how I have been feeling lately let me know if this applies to you?

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Space Oddessy

So HAL 2000 it is not, but close it is.
A ROBOT suit has been developed that could help older people or those with disabilities to walk or lift heavy objects.
Dubbed HAL, or hybrid assistive limb, the latest versions of the suit will be unveiled this June at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan, which opened last month. A commercial product is slated for release by the end of the year.
HAL is the result of 10 years' work by Yoshiyuki Sankai of the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and integrates mechanics, electronics, bionics and robotics in a new field known as cybernics. The most fully developed prototype, HAL 3, is a motor-driven metal "exoskeleton" that you strap onto your legs to power-assist leg movements. A backpack holds a computer with a wireless network connection, and the batteries are on a belt.

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Slow Motion

Ecclesiastes 7:8
The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

But not for patience the end would never matter, what would we have to look forward too? As I sit waiting for others to make decisions that will change my life I have to remind myself that although it seems like things are currently moving in slow motion, the constant of the Earth spining at 1070 MPH along with the second hand on my clock, are ever constant reminders that God's timing is PERFECT. I am just thankful that I was allowed to make it this far in the journey and if it were all to end right now I would still praise him for eterntiy! Thanks GOD! I know I praise you, but I don't say thank you as often as I should.
Love your son Abe

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In hopes and fears of something unknown, we travel deep into the Henon strange attractor. This image was created by exposing the traveling patterns of particles over long periods of time. The particles are trapped in the simple, but elegant strange attactor as defined by the following transformations:
xn+1 = xn cos(a) - (yn - xn2) sin(a) yn+1 = xn sin(a) + (yn - xn2) cos(a)

Life can be so complicated yet so beautiful, I love GOD!

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