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This picture is pretty cool because it is the mayor of San Francisco and he is washing a homeless guys feet. I don't agree with the mayors views on many issues. I do applaud him for one thing though, ACTION. I have been struck by something recently that I have noticed is becoming less and less prevalent in our society and that is doing something. As we become busier and busier and our schedules dictate more and more time devoted to work, school, church, kids, the gym, reading, or whatever I think we miss it. We do nothing when we stop to analyze it. I challenge everyone of you to take one day this week and do something every chance you get. I don't mean for yourself either. If you see someone in need do something. No-one and I mean no one is without human contact at least once in your day for most it is many times. When you see someone say something nice to them, "That shirt looks good on you!" When you go to the gas station buy someone's gas for them. When you go for lunch pay for someone you don't know. Before you open the wrapper on that candy bar, hand it to someone else. God put you on this earth to serve to be served, to give to receive, and to love to be loved. I was listening to Larry King interview Joyce Myer and she had a lot of things that were good to say but the one thing she said that made the most lasting impression was when Larry asked her how she knew that God was real and Jesus was the way, she did not hesitate to say He works, you can believe in a lot. But by believing in him and acting accordingly he honors that and he WORKS!

OK, you want to see it, take a piece of paper and write down "DO SOMETHING" and post it where you can see in your office or where ever and when someone walks in do something nice for them! I PROMISE YOU GOD WILL HONOR IT YOU WILL SEE!

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At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Jeanette said...

100% in agreement. People can be guilty of saying , "they didn't ask". If you see someone in need, you don't wait for them to ask. That is an easy way out. Jesus gave His life, and we didn't ask. Helping others was His mission to draw them closer to His father. Joyce also said, You reap what you sow. Sow into others, and you will reap great rewards.

At 2:09 AM, Blogger Sandra said...

I agree too.

Just curious, why was the mayor of San Fransisco washing a homeless guy's feet? Is he by any chance handicapped or incapable of washing his own feet?

Is this an American thingy?

At 9:32 AM, Blogger One Man's Struggle To Take It Easy said...

Good question, no it is not a American thingy he had started a homeless project and typically politicians start a ton of programs and never stand behind them or take part in them. So the Mayor in a sign of his conviction for his program decided to pitch in and help. The fact that he was on the feet washing was just to add that he was not beneath doing anything. Kind of a humbling thingy. Thanks! Abe


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