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June 3rd

Oh 1995, OJ Simpson is found Not Guilty, Digital Video Disc is introduced, The San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl and I meet and marry the love of my life! I have been so blessed oh these past twelve years, I have only one thing to say about that there wedding in Broken Arrow, "I WOULD NOT CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD!"

Rachel you complete me.

I love you and know you are the most beautiful woman in the world!

Happy Anniversary!

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Yes, it is that time and I can't freakin believe it is my 20 year reunion! Ugh, How did I get so old so fast? Well here is the deal, not trying to sound like I am making excuses not to go.

But, it is my 12 year anniversary and I have made plans to be without our children from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon and we are going out on the town Friday night. My wife has made a commitment that she can't break Saturday Night and we don't have child care so if I do go I have to go alone! How lame will that be showing up alone?

Maybe I am just being a big wiener?

What do you think should I go? Y?

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Fill in caption below:

This is (a.) Boy if I keep pulling this string my button will fall off. (b.) Man I can't believe how sticky that dental floss is! (c.) Only manly men have 5" nipple hair.

Yes it is (c.) and yes that is sooooo gross!

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SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, Jackson celebrates his birthday on the 28th so we went to Adventure Island on Friday and had a blast!

Then, we had Pancakes with Desiree and The Heckman's on Saturday.

Sunday my brother and his girlfriend were in town and they came over to celebrate Jackson's birthday along with Ashley Mayer. We had a big old BBQ and played ball it was a great time.

So below are some pics, ENJOI!

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Memorial Day

This Memorial Day I would like to add this again:



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STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been two years of hell!

I have never had so many problems with a company in my life!

1. I would have to call every month and spend 2-3 hours on the phone correcting my bill.

2. I would be charged for roaming in downtown Tampa?

3. They would try and get me to make changes to my plan constantly to rope me into a longer term.

4. Finally, they tried to charge me an early termination fee for porting my number prior to my contract ending!

Bottom Line Don't ever get a contract or service with Sprint they SUCK!

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I know this photo looks like it is early morning fog, but no it is a sunny mid-day in Florida. This is smoke from the fires here and let me tell ya it sux! It looks like an overcast day and smells like Billy Bob is burning his leaves and brush scrub again. The major problem is you can't get away from it, even going inside the smell and smoke is still there.

Bottom line, it needs to rain here bad!

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I used to be Sirius now I am XM?

OK, so I had Sirius radio and loved it! Being that I drive 600-700 miles a week in town it was nice to have so many (Kinda) commercial free choices. Well I got a new car and it came with XM. I called Sirius and canceled my service. I was kind of bummed at first cause I knew all the stations and would play a little text message game with my bro, when either of us heard a song we liked we would text each other with the station it was on. For some reason 43 was a popular station, old school stuff.

Now that I am on XM I really do like it a ton more. It has a ton more choices and channels and I really don't miss Howard Stern, not that I listened to his crap to begin with. Anyway if you are considering one or the other I would say XM is the way to go!

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The Joys of Every Word Being Taped

This is a great example of what happens when every word you say is put on Tape!

I still can't believe 10,000 people?

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Well, as you read this Rachel is half way to Kansas to celebrate her B-day with her Gewd friend Kishan and already we miss her immensely. Though we know she is going to have a great time we miss her so much! Love you babe have a great time!

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STOP! Leeuwner Time!

Forget Hammer Time it is Leeuwner Time, with one of the more selfless acts of the year Martin and Betsy choose to come to surprise Rachel for her Birthday. Boy what a surprise it was, we left church on Sunday and went to a local restaurant and who was sitting at the table? That is right Martin and Betsy and boy was Rachel flipping out! It was stinking so awesome, the next four days were filled with partying and debauchery at levels on plane with the Warp tour.

Well thank you Leeuwners you rock and by the way Happy Anniversary!

We Love you guys!

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That's it get out and walk home!

I have heard of a husband making his wife walk, but swim?

Man Throws Wife Off Boat

STUART, FL (AP) -- Authorities say a verbal argument ended when a Stuart man threw his wife from a boat and left her in the ocean about a quarter of a mile from shore.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office reports that Julie Talley treaded water on Sunday until she was able to flag down a passing boat.

Once the woman got back to dry land, she told deputies that her husband -- Robert Talley -- had tossed her overboard and left her but that she had wanted to get off the boat anyway.

Despite his wife's protests, Robert Talley was charged with domestic battery. He was released Monday on a $5,000 bond.

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• In the state legislature in Tallahassee, a bill was filed to require restaurants never to run out of toilet paper or soap.

• A 50-year-old man in Port Charlotte was charged with ripping a $6,000 cardiac monitor off a wall of a hospital emergency room, along with a $600 otoscope and a $100 blood-pressure cuff. The outburst occurred after he asked for something to eat and was told he couldn’t have food until he had been seen by a doctor.

• A woman from Haiti was arrested in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when authorities found a human skull in her luggage. As a practitioner of voodoo, “she truly does believe that a skull will protect her,” her lawyer advised the court. The judge accepted the explanation and gave the defendant 2 years’ probation, even though it’s against the law to bring body parts into the country without certification for scientific use.

• At a murder trial in Miami, a nurse called as a prospective juror was excused after she told the court she could not sit on the case if the jury were to be sequestered for several weeks, because no one was available to sit for her pet ferret.

• A student at the University of Central Florida was arrested and charged with starting a fire in his dormitory, just so, he said, he could meet women during the evacuation.

• The Lee County sheriff reported that a man robbed a hotel desk clerk shortly after midnight while talking all through the holdup on a cell phone.

• A 29-year-old was arrested in Clearwater and charged with stealing motorcycle parts after police recovered photos of the parts, which they believed were taken by the suspect. At the bottom of each photo, the photographer’s bare toes displayed the tattooed words “white” and “trash,” matching tattoos on his own toes.

• Also in Clearwater, lawyers for a divorced husband asked the court to let him stop paying $1,250 a month alimony to his ex-wife because she had since become a man after a sex change. They argued that because it’s illegal for a man to marry a man in Florida, it should be illegal for a man to pay alimony to a man. Counsel for the former wife countered that the husband agreed to pay the alimony until his ex-spouse dies or remarries and she has done neither.

• In Fort Myers, a 240-pound man charged with punching a mother at a mall while he was wearing an Easter bunny suit at a holiday photo shoot pleaded no contest and got probation. The defendant and his wife had argued with the organizer of the event, and police alleged he finally took off his bunny head and clouted her while frightened youngsters looked on.

• Citing a personal code of honor, a retired Air Force pilot refused to pay for his $15.99 shrimp and scallop verdura dinner in Palm Harbor because it contained only five small shrimp and five scallops. He told a reporter he wouldn’t be able to look at himself in a mirror if he paid or even negotiated a settlement, so he hired a $500-an-hour New York lawyer and got an acquittal.

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If pulled over for a DUI, you can: A: Politely admit your mistake B: Say you only had one beer, hope for the best C: Cause $1100 damage to a cop car?

DUI suspect does $1,100 worth of damage with his head

A DUI suspect caused over a $1,000 worth of damage to a Savage police car with his forehead.

Police say Joe Cummings, 36, smashed his head repeatedly into the hood of the patrol car after being arrested on suspicion of DUI Saturday night.

“He broke free, he bolted and lunged himself head first onto the hood of the squad car and then began to ram his face repeatedly with a great amount of force into the hood,” Capt. David Muelken of the Savage police department said.

Cummings’ wife said her husband had lost his job earlier that day.

She said he did the same thing in Chaska when he was pulled over for a DUI there.

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