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Yes, it is that time and I can't freakin believe it is my 20 year reunion! Ugh, How did I get so old so fast? Well here is the deal, not trying to sound like I am making excuses not to go.

But, it is my 12 year anniversary and I have made plans to be without our children from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon and we are going out on the town Friday night. My wife has made a commitment that she can't break Saturday Night and we don't have child care so if I do go I have to go alone! How lame will that be showing up alone?

Maybe I am just being a big wiener?

What do you think should I go? Y?

posted by One Man's Struggle To Take It Easy @ 9:31 PM,


At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am going alone to mine in South Africa, so I think you should go. It will be so fulfilling to see the others and reminisce.


At 1:09 PM, Blogger LunarWorld said...

Also, I went to my reunion (not alone, but I would have gone alone), and it was all out-of-towners because the losers who still live there didn't bother to show up. Go, see, represent.


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