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If pulled over for a DUI, you can: A: Politely admit your mistake B: Say you only had one beer, hope for the best C: Cause $1100 damage to a cop car?

DUI suspect does $1,100 worth of damage with his head

A DUI suspect caused over a $1,000 worth of damage to a Savage police car with his forehead.

Police say Joe Cummings, 36, smashed his head repeatedly into the hood of the patrol car after being arrested on suspicion of DUI Saturday night.

“He broke free, he bolted and lunged himself head first onto the hood of the squad car and then began to ram his face repeatedly with a great amount of force into the hood,” Capt. David Muelken of the Savage police department said.

Cummings’ wife said her husband had lost his job earlier that day.

She said he did the same thing in Chaska when he was pulled over for a DUI there.

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