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I used to be Sirius now I am XM?

OK, so I had Sirius radio and loved it! Being that I drive 600-700 miles a week in town it was nice to have so many (Kinda) commercial free choices. Well I got a new car and it came with XM. I called Sirius and canceled my service. I was kind of bummed at first cause I knew all the stations and would play a little text message game with my bro, when either of us heard a song we liked we would text each other with the station it was on. For some reason 43 was a popular station, old school stuff.

Now that I am on XM I really do like it a ton more. It has a ton more choices and channels and I really don't miss Howard Stern, not that I listened to his crap to begin with. Anyway if you are considering one or the other I would say XM is the way to go!

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At 1:22 AM, Blogger LunarWorld said...

Doesn't really matter Sirius is merging with XM. ALSO I HATE commercials and my XM is infiltrated with them now!!! What happened to commercial free????



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