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STOP! Leeuwner Time!

Forget Hammer Time it is Leeuwner Time, with one of the more selfless acts of the year Martin and Betsy choose to come to surprise Rachel for her Birthday. Boy what a surprise it was, we left church on Sunday and went to a local restaurant and who was sitting at the table? That is right Martin and Betsy and boy was Rachel flipping out! It was stinking so awesome, the next four days were filled with partying and debauchery at levels on plane with the Warp tour.

Well thank you Leeuwners you rock and by the way Happy Anniversary!

We Love you guys!

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At 1:05 PM, Blogger LunarWorld said...

What debauchery? Man, I always miss the good stuff!!!

It was great to see you guys. Thanks for helping us surprise Rachel.


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