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Purple and Gold

ECU(East Carolina University) is the local University here with about 30K students in attendance, yes a ministry in it of itself and a very cool school as well. The only complaint I really have about this town is the school colors. I just find it so hard to get into Purple and Gold(Really Yellow, but don't tell them that!). The other day I looked for a cool hat or shirt and just could not bring myself to say "Hey that one looks cool!" and buy it. I know we are really blessed to be here and I am just being petty, but you have to understand I have been a Bucs fan my whole life and while they have cool colors now for years they were the UGLY DUCKLING of the NFL. So, I kind of have stigma when it comes to the colors.

On another note I was running this morning and was comparing the run to running in Tampa and while from a nature scene Tampa has it beat hands down, here the beauty comes more from the people. It does not matter whether they are in the car or in the front yard EVERYONE is so stinkin friendly and waves to me as I run by like I have known them my entire life! It has been awesome to see God's will manifest in our family.

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At 6:26 PM, Blogger LunarWorld said...

Being an ECU alum myself, I should take offense. But I don't - I never could bring myself to wear the purple and gold! After all these years, I have two pieces of ECU apparel left - I red sweatshirt that has ECU on the front (no idea why it's red, but that feature has saved it from the Goodwill pile for more years than I can count), and a gray t-shirt with purple lettering on the front that says EAST CAROLINA TRACK & FIELD (I wasn't on the team, but my mom worked for the coach and it's a comfy t-shirt).

So I guess if you look hard enough, you'll find something that you can wear.

I do miss the football games. Even if half the students were drunk and got into a brawl our first time on ESPN. Such a proud moment. I once heard it said that at ECU, "the guys come to class half drunk and the girls half dressed".

At 7:41 AM, Blogger One Man's Struggle To Take It Easy said...

Some things "unfortunately" don't change with time!


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