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Life Exists without People?

If you ask me what is wrong with the world today it is that we are able to exist without interacting in a genuine matter with other human beings. Let me explain, I wake up and need to get gas, I go to SAM'S Club and buy gas there is no humans in sight. I need to get some groceries so I go to Wal-Mart and get in line with others who look ahead for the end of the line, because we are trained that waiting in line is bad (just as a side note; I remember a time when I was waiting in line with my three boys and a lady in front of me was complaining about something an using every experlative in the book and what I wanted to say to the lady was "Can you cuss a bit more in front of my kids!" yet I smiled at her and I empathize with her and said good bad and ugly we are all God's kids, suffice it to say she was ugly and I will never forgot her face when I said that, she looked at me and smiled and said "Yeah it is too bad there isn't a law against stupidity." Well not exactly the revelation I was looking for, but she stopped cussing.) So, instead of waiting in line at Wal-Mart I get into the self-check line and check myself out. Again dealing with no people. I continue about my day and have no instances of dealing with people? What is wrong with the interaction removed from society? Is is possible to exist and not interact with others? Yes! Is that wrong? Yes, why did God create you? For relationship! Why did he create others? For relationship! It is the enemies plan to separate us from ourselves so that we can become more accustom to being alone without him or anyone for that matter. I say revolt, resist, reach out to others. If you are lonely and hurting chances are others are too! The great commission? Find them and Love them as you wish to be loved! Show them God through you faith not fear. We are becoming such a closed society with so many avenues to open up which are squelched by the Dark side. We need to stand up for who we are and become who He had called us to be.

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At 4:43 PM, Blogger Brian and Rachel said...

As I find myself in an isolated situation and screaming inside for it to end I realize I am just as much to blame. I haven't reached either and that is just as wrong. I am inspired, regardless of how fearful I am of rejection. I am going to reach out and wait for them to reach back. Thanks Honey, you once again have nailed it on the head. Although, you seriously need me to edit your posts for you before you publish them. ;)

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. To the post and your lovely wife's offer to proofread.

An Grammatically Anguished Reader

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Sarah Davis said...

In all the years that you have been my brother in law i have never taken the time to get to know you...reading your messages i relized i have missed out on knowing an exceptional man of God. I never reach out cause im afraid i'll be rejected and that goes for everyone i know ..even friends(family the most). I know from everything i have read of all your posts that God has far greater things in store for me if i stop being afraid. I love you guys and i hope to see you soon..Sarah

At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Sarah said...

One more thing you should really consider writting a have a way with words and getting a point across in loving way.


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