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Christians Hate Sex

I was reading an article talking about how Christians are anti-sex and just blasted us it really aggrivated me. I found inspiration in a prayer from a wedding dating back to a 1559 Book of Common Prayer.

WITH this ring I the wed: with my body I the worship: and with all my worldly goodes, I the endow. In the name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the holy Ghost. Amen.

What the reality is that Christians are the ones who know what really good sex is! It is sex with one person in a marriage in Christ for a lifetime. Not only that but it is my opinion, as the love and commitment grows so to does sex, because it is the fruit of the relationship in Christ. So the call to worship is the call to holiness, which is the call to good sex.

For those of you not married, it is the promise of true worship in the sexual union under God in covenant. To say no, is to say no to the idolatry of false gods who think that Sex is the ultimate, when it is God who is the ultimate! PEACE OUT! B

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At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Lindie Lou said...

Amen brotha. I 2nd that!


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