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The Good, The Bad and Economic Stimulus...

Well we are about to journey to Tampa to go to the Super Bowl, it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. This person is going, this person is not, now they are, now they are not, we have a place to stay for a decent price, we don't, we have a place for free, we don't, we do! Suffice it to say much grace has been required to make it to today without being heavily sedated, just moderately!

So, here is the break down:

The Good - Four days of hanging out with my wife and no kids, Getting to go with another couple whom I would be comfortable with in any situation, Getting to go to the Super Bowl again, Getting to see family and friends. Traveling, I know I am sick, but I LOVE to travel.

The Bad - Never enough time to do everything, People who did not do what they said they would, a long day on Sunday.

The Stimulus Package - Well the stimulus package Bill was passed in the House today by 244-188 vote. I really was not sure whether that was a good thing or not till I read a break down of what the Bill was made up of. If you are curious there is a pretty good one here>. Now be for warned you will get sick and possibly violently ill upon reading this. I personally could not comprehend the scope of this, based on its shear overwhelming size! It is freaking HUGE!

How huge? Well it is going to cost every American $6709 each! That is correct you are paying almost seven grand to bail out the country! Now, you may be thinking that is not bad? Well let me assure you if you are a family of four you are now paying $28,000 to bail out the country! Yes, if you are born you are paying the $7K. What does this mean to you? Well obviously this is going to come in higher tax rates and you wont be making one lump sum payment so you wont feel the effects like a band aid being pulled off. You will feel it though and let me reassure you the amount of cash to be printed to pull off this trillion dollar deal is going to cut the value of the green you have in hand right now (and in your retirement account) in half or more!

The good news is our children's grandchildren will be better off as a result.

Good Times!

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At 3:08 PM, Blogger Junior said...

Hey glad you picked up my stimulus post - horrible stuff, isn't it?!

I had to stimulate the economy by buying a new keyboard after I threw up all over the one I had mid-read.

Let's just hope that Obama stops attacking the GOP and goes after the TRUE bad guys who have engineered this collapse...



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