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Now I know what you are thinking here, Bmac has lost his mind! No, I haven't and I will explain why. I had to go to Ft Lauderdale/Miami today and needed to leave by noon to make it on time to go to a Presidential Debate tonight and then pick up Rachel's Grandmother and bring here back to Tampa.

That said I had a ton of work to get done prior to leaving and my morning started a downward spiral as customers started calling with all kinds of problems. So, as I drove past a gas station I HAD to stop at cause I was out of gas my phone was blowing up and I was more concerned with others needs than my pending doom.

Well next came a sputter, then silence. UGH!!!! I ran out of gas in the middle of no where and decided I would just walk to the gas station a couple of miles back.

As I walked and calculated the amount of time this would cost me, a ragged out van pulled over in front of me. At this point I think a little about "Deliverence" just because I am in the "Country" as I grab the door handle and look inside I think to myself if this guy is scary I am gonna run into the woods. Well sitting in this van is a little old man who speaks no English. He offers to give me a ride to the station and back to my car. As we drive he explains he is a pastor at a Seventh Day Adventist Church. He offers to buy my gas and then offers to give me money to fill up my car. I in turn try to give him money and he tells me no because he is "rico" or rich.
I guess rico is relative!

Now the fact that someone stopped for me this morning - is amazing!
Greater than that is the fact that this entire episode costs me only about 20 minutes. I called Rachel and she was in disbelief that I was already back on the road. As was I and I was the one driving!


Oh yeah thank you God!

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