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Why Why Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the National Enquirer reported on July 28th about Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy, lawyer’s for the Nickelodeon star threatened legal action against the publication.

Now, a source at the Enquirer has leaked us the letter Jamie Lynn’s lawyers sent them at the time.

“Ms. Spears is a devout Christian with a spotless reputation, who lives in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards in accordance with her faith.

There is no “rumor” concerning Ms. Spears’ (non-existent) pregnancy, except perhaps for the baseless “rumor” just now being created by the National Enquirer.

Ms. Spears is not pregnant. It is pathetic for the National Enquirer to attempt to create a wholly baseless “rumor” that Ms. Spears is pregnant, so it can run a malicious story and false story which would be emotionally devastating to a morally upright 16 year old girl.”

This really pisses me off!!!!!! Not the fact that she has made a mistake.

THE FACT THAT THE NATIONAL ENQUIRERS PUBLICIST WOULD HAVE TO BRING CHRIST INTO THIS AS A CHARACTER REFERENCE WHERE ONE IS DEFINITELY NEEDED ONLY CHRIST IS NOT HERE TO SPEAK ON HER BEHALF. That would be like me running for president and saying I am a devout "Reaganite and live in accordance with the stickiest Reaganomics!" Wait, they are doing that too!

Character is not what you say or anyone says for you, it is what you do when no one is looking. The only problem is, it is kind of hard to tell someones character if no one is looking!

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