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25 Years...

This is my best friend Eric who I met over 25 years ago and have not seen or talked to in about 20 years. He and I became good buds back in the 6th or 7th grade, I can't remember exactly how we started hangin out. I do remember a few things that were very cool though.

Eric had a mom for Sweden with a very thick accent that Eric could imitate real well. Eric had a dad who looked just like Pavarotti and being Italian Eric's Dad loved one of the same things Eric and I did - FERRARI'S! As a result Eric's Dad would take us to not only look at Ferrari's, but test drive them and it does not get any cooler than that in 7th grade!

Next we rode bikes all over the Silicone Valley and sometimes out side the valley ;-) Eric was a great friend and for a chubby kid from Florida who did not have any friends Eric really was one! I can remember more than one instance in which he stuck up for me when I would of had my arse kicked.

The last communication I had with Eric was a letter I got with pictures of him and his High School Graduation present I think? I lost the letter, but still have the pictures of Eric outside Apple, which was right down the street from where we grew up, with his FERRARI. I have to say, I would be lying if I did not admit I was very jealous!

Now fast forward twenty years and the marvels of modern technology. I decided to Google Eric and found a website for a Electric Service Co. and found his name as President. So, I decided to send him and e-mail asking him if he went to our Junior High School. What are the odds right? Well you guessed it, Eric e-mailed me back and we have been communicating again via phone and e-mail.

Finally, I can't tell you how good it feels to see that he is doing well and has a freaking awesome wife and BEAUTIFUL daughters.
He is truly blessed and it does not get any better than that my friends!
Below is a picture of Eric and his family today!

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