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Tell the TRUTH!

I am so sick of the presidential candidates and the lies. They both are lying and it makes me sick. The reporters kept giving there opinion of what would cause the candidate to win the debate last night.

In my opinion it should have been the TRUTH putting a clear winner out there.

The reality is that neither one of them told the truth. They spun the truth to make it favorable to them. That my friends is lying and I AM FREAKING SICK OF IT! I am ready to vote for Nader and I am not spinning my feelings here.

This is the monumental problem with politics in America.

Fact - Obama votes the MAJORITY of the time with the Democratic Party.
Fact - McCain votes the MAJORITY of the time with the Republican Party.

So, it is real easy this is not about change or fixing the economy neither of which can be done by the President alone! It is about which Party do you support?

It has just been spun to the American people this election is going to change America...BS! I am sorry to be so cynical here, but it is TRUTH not spin the President, Congress and Senate collectively invoke change none has the power independently to do this on a major scale.

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