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Inspirations of the Sthyle Director

I had a customer(Charles) from Rachel's work ask to come over and watch the first Presidential debate. I thought cool, so he came and brought his wife and newborn both of whom did not stay to watch the debate. My wife also had a couple she works with over, although they left before it started.

Charles told me he had a friend from the local GOP who was looking for a place to watch the debate and said he invited him over as well. I said that was fine, not like I could say it wasn't at that point anyway. Well about ten minutes before the debate started the door bell rang and instead of the guy from the GOP it was a High School teacher and two of his students who heard from a guy at the GOP we were having a debate watching party? He proceeded to say very loudly, "WHERE IS THE BEER!" A few seconds later this was interrupted by the door again with another group of people, followed by another group.

Before long it was standing room only(which is not hard cause our living room maxed out at about 25 people). Anyway, I know Charles was freaking out although I actually thought it quite funny. I tell you I could not of had a more diverse group of people in my living room you name it I had it from women, men, black, white, little and big, young and old. It was crazy and cool at the same time, just wish it were a bit more exciting.
Next Time!

Thanks Jeff for inspiring me to post this, see you at the next debate?

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