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Come again?

This weekend went by so fast it feels like Friday.

Friday night my wife had a slumber party with the girls of our "Twenty Something" small group. So, I took the guys from the group to see Max Payne. After the movie (I enjoyed) we decided to go back and crash the party. Well at least me and Dave did! It was all manicures, facials and pedicures so the only logical thing to do was Call of Duty 4 on the 360. Had to redeem ourselves some how, like some manly ARGH shoot em up.

Saturday we saw a shift in the weather and it was overcast and drizzling. That did not stop Jeff and I from going to the Pirates Game. It was like a Bucs game on a smaller scale size wise. As for the crowd they are FANATICS! It was a great game and we had awesome seats, parking and all around fun!
Here is a pic from our seats.

That afternoon Jeff, Kerri and I took the boys to the mall. Lets see, six boys three adults equals out numbered and mistake! So we retreated to Taco Bell for some half priced game day tacos! Who ever thought they were going to get a nice quite meal at The Bell was MISTAKEN!

That night Rachel and I had a big date to Starbucks. Which was cool because they did Happy Hour from 8:00PM to 10:00PM, which included a live DJ, Disco Ball, Smoke, Lights and ALL DRINKS WERE $1. It was actually a real great time, a ton of people came and the girls even did some line dancing. Can't wait till this Friday its 80s night! Below are some pics sorry about the quality it was dark.


Finally, Sundays service stinkin rocked. The music, the message were both awesome I was truly challenged. I am so amazed at this Church it is so insane how diverse a group we have I love it! After Church we drove to Smithfield, North Carolina home of Smithfield Ham and the Outlet Mall. We cleaned up at the Outlet Mall having to get Winter Clothes. In Florida winter clothes means shoes with socks. Got home late Sunday and man here it is Monday! GEWD TIMES ;-)

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