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How could anyone be lonley?

OK, if you are feeling lonely I have the solution. Open an e-mail account and within hours you will have more friends than you know what to do with! Take me for instance. This morning I opened my Entourage and what to my surprise I had fifty e-mails from mid-night to today? Only two of them were junk and another hundred went into spam so the remaining 44 must be all my friends. I know what your thinking, boy is BMAC popular, right? Wrong, I actually have two that are actually wanted. Now to all of you advice givers out there, I am using Spam software, have my Entourage filter on High and can't change my e-mail address cause it is my name. So, I guess I will remain the popular guy I am for now and who knows I might just get a Prince from Egypt to ask me to hold his ten million dollars for him in exchange for a few million?


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