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Why not Cali, Arizona?

Many of you may be asking yourself why live in Florida and not California or Arizona? Well here are just a few reasons why:

1. We have superior weather!

Yes, you will notice from the this map that we not only have the warmth of California and Arizona, we also have Humidity! That is right humidity, when we are 100 years old and not all dried up and wrinkled it will be because of our good friend humidity.

2. The circle of life!

I guess this is like two benefits in one cause as a result of all the moisture and humidity we have the second highest population of mosquitoes, the highest being the Amazon, I personally think that is only because there mosquitoes are larger and not as numerous. Thus being part of a very successful circle of life these little nuisances complete the food chain.

3. Spanish Moss?

Oh yeah baby, you plant a tree and before you know it your shade is increased ten fold by the natural coverage of none other than Spanish Moss! Got to love it! Ain't gonna see that in the Desserts of Arizona, no sir.

4. Alligators

I often wonder how it is that other states live without the company of these soft and cuddly creatures. Yeah they may eat your dog or small child, but come on they are so cute!

Well we are scheduled to close at 4:00 P.M. today and that will make it official as we will become land owners of one of the most unique and best states in the union!
Please no haters! J/K I welcome comments, they kind of make me get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

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