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OK, So yes I sold programs at the Super Bowl from 4:00P.M. to 6:20P.M. and yes I did get to watch the Super Bowl for free in a seat in the Bears End Zone! It was an incredible experience and one I am going to repeat year after year! We are definitely going to Arizona next year and it will be here the year after. What can I say it was an incredible experience, even in the midst of the monsoon it was amazing. It is funny cause I went in cheering on the Bears and by half time it did not matter any more it was just the experience of being there. We saw a ton of celebrities, Todd and My brother Darin went with me. Todd and I had Alec and Billy Baldwin walk by us! Todd got into a spat with Alec it was hilarious, only Todd! Well, unfortunately I forgot my camera and took all the pictures with my phone and worse yet I messed up and had it set for the lowest possible quality picture, Sorry :-) Finally, Prince rocked that guy was incredible considering the fact that it was freezing and raining cats and dogs he was unfazed unbelievable. Well next year I wont forget my camera! Enjoy!

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