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I am so amazed at GOD. I can screw the pooch over and over and he is constantly there to help me out of it. I miss plan A for my life and he put plan B in my way. Well, suffice it to say I have made many mistakes in my life, that said I don't regret my life a bit cause it has made me who I am in Christ! Well I don't do this type of thing ever, but I am going to say I am reading the most incredible book about being a Christian it is by Craig Gross of XXXChurch a ministry I totally support. Knowing him makes the book even better, cause I know everything he has written to be true. Well it is one of those books were you expect one thing yet get another. If ANYONE is wondering about being a Christian I URGE you to buy it. Here is the link

I have to say this book is stinkin awesome!
I as I am sure you have heard the verse in Psalm 23:4 a million times, you know, Yea though I may walk through the valley of death, I fear no evil, You are with me;
Well this book showed me that as my children do to me at night when given the choice of having the light off and me with them or having a light on and me not with them, the always choose to have me be with them in the dark. Just as I would rather be in the dark with GOD than in the light without Him. I believe this is the place we have to strive to be. I the dark He is with us and intends for us to be there, showing others that He is there with us, His rod and staff comforting us!

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At 6:27 PM, Blogger Anna said...

I am going to RUN...not walk to find this book. I have read..oh geez..about 5 books on Christianity..still looking for answers Im not sure I will ever get. The more I read to find the answers, the more questions I have.
This book sounds great! THanks.
PS: You really should start your own church! You have such a way with words...I would love to hear you speak once a week.

ps2: Do most people get that your blog is named after a Ferris Bueller reference? Priceless!


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