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Poland part jeden i dwa

It has been an amazing 24+ hours I had a whirlwind flight and due to delays in Raleigh the airline failed to get my luggage to me. I had to got to Auchan(Polish Walmart) and buy essentials to get me through. My experience with Germans left a little to be desired as the lost baggage guy would only speak English when I asked him too which was difficult after each sentence. Fortunately Rheney is from Austria and is fluent in German he called and figured out my luggage would see more of Europe than me as it went from NY to UK to Munich then to Wroclaw Poland where we drove over an hour from Legnica to pick up. We had a great time with Reini and his wife making them American Breakfast with Bacon and Eggs this is a picture with John.

We had a great time teaching at the mens meeting tonight. Everyone has been so amazing here I really have seen that the heart is what is important and man do they have heart here. You can really see they have come from a lot of oppression yet they persevere it is encouraging. It is now 12:30a and John is making me speak so I need to get some rest. I will close with a picture of him giving me some of his divine tutoring.


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