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Learning to live

Today was a great day and a great weekend. I was able to go to Raleigh and spend the night in an 5 star hotel at a 1 star price, I looked at cars I would want to buy just couldn't bear to part with the money to buy and I sucked it up and had afternoon tea with my wife in a Tea Room in downtown Wake Forest. I also had a conversation with someone who showed me that while nice things are nice, they are no replacement for real living. Real living to me is about healthy relationships, doing healthy things and enjoying them both to the fullest.

I haven't always been the best friend, best son, best father or best husband and I don't think I am there yet either. But if I have learned one thing that I am working toward it is being there. Rudy Juliani said to me last week that he could miss a wedding, but he would never miss a funeral because it is important to be there in times of need. While I agree with the later I disagree with the former. You should be there for both and the in between.

Never will we say we wished we finished a TPS report or earned an extra bonus, we always will say I wish I could talk to him or her one last time. I lost a young Uncle this year in a very tragic and heart breaking way. I called him after his death and left him a message not knowing he had already passed, I really wished I could have actually talked to him one last time. The only gratification I have is that I did call. The point is don't wait another minute to make a relationship right or check up on someone you love cause in the end you are not going to care if you are right or wrong or who's fault it was, you are only going to cherish the time you spent together as friends or family. Control you to make life the best it can be and it will be the best it should.

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