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My day starts at 1AM

I struggle to grasp the fact that while it is 7a in my present world, it is 1am at my home. The days are short when you relate them to daylight, due mainly to the fact that come 3:30p here the sun starts to set and by 4p it is pretty much dusk and completely dark by 4;30-5p. I have been blessed to meet some amazing people who have endured oppression some of us would be unable to comprehend. If anyone is to glorify communism come to a country affected by it and you will see not only how it ravages the ascetics of the cities, but more importantly how it ravages the minds of its inhabitants. The strength of God's Word and Spirit is the only thing to overcome such strongholds.

Today we started off here in Gryfów with a breakfast with Andrezj the Administrator for the local Church here and John's spiritual son. We then left for Wrocław Poland. There we met with a local pastor for coffee and reminiscing with John it is quite a special time for us all. The city is amazing here are some pictures from our visit.

This evening we met with the leaders at this church and John really brought a message that was inspiring and challenging. He really has left me in amazement with his ability not only preach but preach through an interpreter.

The day has been another whirlwind and it is hard to believe it is already 11p at night. Driving here is exhausting alone not to mention the affects of traveling. I received some not so good news today at home and it too has caused me to struggle with my emotions. I will continue to press in to the things of God as it is the only thing I know to do. Until tomorrow...

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