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dzieƄ drugi Poland Day Two

Well today I feel much better minus a severe migraine this morning from not having my prescription when they lost my luggage. I started the service today in Church and was well received. It was hard to speak through an interpreter and just when I got comfortable I ended, I wanted to finish on a high note! John spoke for over an hour but with interpreter it is like a half hour. Here is a picture of him with Beata she is a University Professor who teaches English.

I recorded the entire sermon on Video they both did an amazing job. Today was again very productive we went from Church to a lunch meeting then took a short nap we then met with the Elders from the Church and really had some purposeful conversation John was very challenging and again the response was very positive. We have been welcomed into Zbyszek's home just like family I really enjoy his company and his entire family is such a blessing to be around. His heart is so for God's will it is encouraging to speak with him. This is me with his family.

A crazy story Zbyszek was showing a polish ancestry site where he traced his family tree on it he had a cousin from another area of Poland he found on this site. As he was showing me pictures we came to a photo at a wedding reception with his cousin and a man posing very friendly. We noticed the mans name was Jzork Maciaszek. So, now the standing joke is that Zbyszek and I are cousins. It is a small world. I was asked if I was still on the Paleo diet by someone and for the most part I am. I am tasting some things but I am trying to stay true to it as much as I can to avoid the Acid Reflux issues I am plagued with and it seems to be working still. I would not travel 5000 miles and not try a taste of a real Polish cake, RIGHT? We continue to see God move here in the people I am really amazed at how he is moving through us and allowing us to help. The worst part of all of this is just missing my amazing and supportive wife, then of course my children and friends. Your prayers are felt and greatly appreciated. God Bless and Keep you al! Thanks!

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