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Poland & Berlin & The End

The last few days of this trip were none stop. Friday night Marek's had a leadership meeting for not only his own church but several area leaders. Marek really has a Kingdom mentality. Below is a picture of John and Andrezj speaking to them.

The next morning Andrezj came with his two sons to meet us. The weather could be described as unseasonably warm or as I called it God's answer to my prayers. We took some pictures form the balcony of the mission's facility we stayed at. It was a beautiful facility and 4 star all the way!

We went to Jelenia Gora about a half hour into the mountains and took Andrezj's boys shopping for a treat. His oldest son wanted the C.S. Lewis book series and his youngest wanted some Legos which I have to say it was interesting to see how universal and global a company Lego really is. After this we went to the square for some authentic Polish Pizza at Pizza Hut, NOT!

Andrezj shared with us something really funny. His two boys said I looked like a cartoon character from a Polish Cartoon Show on TV. They called me Rokita this cartoon character with a really long goatee. It turns out Rokita is the Devil. So, Andrezj said that John was such a powerful man of God that he traveled with his own personal Devil. We all got a big laugh out of it.

From there we had back to the mission's facility for the men's conference. The facility has a conference room that is great with lights, sound and a projection screen. It started with about 20 minutes of praise and worship and then John started with another 20 minutes of teaching. The men took a dinner break ate and had coffee for about a half an hour. It was then turned over to me and I spoke for about an hour though I was only suppose to speak for 45 minutes. I found that if you are speaking through an interpreter it takes twice as long. My interpreter Pitor was a great guy and his English was better than mine! He was an English teacher and also running for Office in the City Council. I really pray he gets it he is a great man and is blessed with an amazing family.

After the meeting I met a Pastor name Yonik from another Church in a town close by. He came up and shared with me that his wife's maiden name is Maciaszek. He also shared that her father's name is Stanislow Maciaszek the same as my grandfather. It was very cool here is picture with Yonik and John teaching.

The next morning we went to Marek's Church. John dedicated Andrezj's three month old daughter. Then I was able to share a short message then speak about Reimage Church. I finished with sharing a little about my family and showing them a picture. I have done this twice now and it I always get the same thing which is pretty cool, that I am not old enough to have children as old as I do. John really enjoyed playing this up!

Here is John and there young church the building is only 400 years old or as they say in Poland "New Construction" Ha!

After the service we went to the basement for cake to celebrate an anniversary of one of the members. We then went to lunch with Marek's family and some of the church staff. We then went to pack up and leave for the drive to Berlin. Our drive to Berlin was about 4 hours with a few stops. We went to dinner and then crashed to get to the airport in the morning. Things really couldn't have gone better we checked in, got a Starbucks then boarded the plane. Unfortunately the flight back is into the Jet Stream so it is almost ten hours to NY. With our flight getting into Raleigh at 5p we should be home by 8a. I really curious to see how work goes in the am.

I have to say I really forgot how much I enjoyed traveling. Experiencing different cultures is a real learning experience. I would not be opposed to doing this again that is for sure.

Well I will be posting a few videos soon, after I get a chance to edit them.

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