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It always amazes me what you see people doing in their vehicles while sitting in traffic.

Real Examples from today are:
1. Woman reading John Grishom novel(could not read the title she turned the page)
2. Man playing Nintendo Game Boy with head phones on?
3. Two young guys watching music videos on the screen sticking out of dash player.
4. Lady brushing her hair over and over.
5. Motorcycle guy smoking, drinking energy drink and talking on phone.
6. Businessman playing with his GPS on his dash.
7. Lady sucking her thumb(I swear I did not make this up!)
8. Lady playing drums on the steering wheel of her Lexus.
9. Every other person talking on their cell phones.
10. Me typing this blog on my laptop, talking on the phone.

I can't wait for the day cars drive themselves so I can watch TV AS WELL!

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