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If these come in purple I am getting my wife a pair!

If these come in purple my wife would wear them 24/7 and I think our entire family would be sporting a pair as well.

Eat your heart out, Dyson — Electrolux has done one better than your "properly" working vacuum cleaner with these floor-cleaning shoes. Just slip 'em on when it's time to clean the house and they'll suck up dirt from the floor as you shimmy from room to room. I can see neat freaks wearing them all day, owning several pairs for family members and guests.

Sadly for them, the vacuum-shoe future is a bit of a ways off, as this sucking footwear is just a concept right now. Still, we're all for this rockin' idea, assuming Electrolux sorts out the requisite issues regarding power and how the dirt is stored (hollow heels?). And that mint-green look has just got to go.

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