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The past two weeks have been filed with so much blood, sweat and tears. As most of you know I started a new job with the most amazing Church. It started off rather slow the first day and by the third it was full bore insanity. I was in the middle of the last two weeks of a major transformation of the Church, including a name change from Faith and Victory to Reimage. Along with that went a complete redesign of the sanctuary, stage, lighting, media and website. I along with our new Sthyle Director were blessed to have done a great deal on all the aspects. I was able to produce an opening video to represent the change along with producing all the media for presentation on two new GIANT screens we purchased. We had two services and it went amazing all I can say is God is GEWD! Now the real work begins to meet all the expecations set forth with the beginning of this change. All that is left is to SELL my house and move my family up here, which I pray happens soon! I will include more pictures soon...

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