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I was reading this article about a guy who fishes three times a week and thought to myself this must be a professional fisherman. As I continued to read I learned he also worked a full time job. Then I thought he must be a single guy. Read on and he is married. I then thought he couldn't have a family and surprise, surprise he has a bunch of kids. Now I am not trying to be mean here, but how in the world does he find the time to fish once a week, much less three times? I could not figure it out I was in awe. I thought it was maybe just my household, but living with Jeff who also has three boys, I see he has no time to fish either.

The point of my story is this, I thought that I would love to see the day when I could have the time to fish. Then I realized I really wouldn't cause that would mean I did not have my wife and children filling in that fishing time and quite frankly I like that I don't have time to fish and would rather be spending my time with them cause they are the best. OK, maybe once a year!

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