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Want some Relish on your hot dog or life?

Sometimes I post for myself because I know I am the only one who reads this, then sometimes I post for others. I wonder which one this is for?

The Habit of Rushing

However the occasions when we genuinely need to rush are really a lot less frequent than we convince ourselves. The simple truth is that rushing has become a habit for many of us. And it has a negative effect on our mental, spiritual and physical health.

Negative Effect of Rushing

When you are rushing the body literally is in panic mode. The physical systems feel as if they are constantly being stressed to meet imaginary deadlines. An occasional shot of adrenaline might be good for you but a continuous stream of it will wear down the body and its immune system. You will tend to get sick more often, feel more fatigued, enervated and listless.

When you are rushing mentally, your mind is always ‘on’. Thoughts of things you need to get done and things you have not yet gotten done keep streaming through your mind making you feel out of sorts and unaccomplished. You may even feel panicked and have trouble sleeping and relaxing. Instead of turning to chemical sleep aides, why not change your habit of rushing around?

Become aware of your rushing habits

First you need to become aware of your daily habits and thoughts. Most of the time when we are rushing, we do not even realize it because it is such an automatic response. For example, I walk fast naturally – excessively so. I walk as fast as I can no matter if I am talking a Sunday evening stroll or trekking across the office compound.

How effective is rushing?

Once you are aware of those hurried habits, examine their effectiveness. For instance, most times walking fast at the office helps me to maximize my time and get more work done. So it is sometimes effective in that environment. However, walking fast while out for a stroll actually defeats the purpose. For each hurried habit you identify, ask yourself if it is necessary and if it is effective.

Stop rushing

If it is neither necessary nor effective, make an active effort to change that habit. Identify exactly how you can slow down. In my case, I simply practice strolling or walking slowly. It’s never easy to break a habit but it is well worth it to your mental and physical health to spend the time and energy breaking these habits of rushing around.

Mental Rushing

Mentally you need to restrict your thoughts. If you mind is constantly overrun with anxious thoughts of things to be done, practice scheduling a time to think about those things. And refuse to allow yourself to think about them at any other time. Particularly if your thoughts are obsessive rather than constructive.
Obsessive thoughts are those that merely go over and over the task again and again, serving no useful purpose except to remind yourself of it. Constructive thoughts are those that generally seek a solution.
Slowing down for bedtime

If you have trouble shutting off your mind at bedtime, be sure to change your routine about an hour before bedtime. Turn off the television, and refuse to think of thoughts of the day gone by or the day to come. Try to relax. Sit outside and watch the stars.

Slow down to accomplish more

If you feel that your life and your work is so hectic and important that you cannot possibly relax, remember that scientific studies have shown that people who spend less time at the office, and more time relaxing are significantly more productive and effective. When your mind is not constantly worrying about the next item on your “to-do” list, it is free to focus on being creative and naturally comes up with effective solutions for increasing productivity.
Be realistic about daily goals

Remember also that only so many items can be accomplished in any 24-hour period. Do not overextend yourself or overestimate your time. Set realistic objectives for each day. And take the time to relish your achievements. If you have ten items on your “to do” list and you achieve eight, relish the fact that you achieved 80% of your objectives rather than obsessing about the other 20%.
Be patient

Remember tomorrow is another day, and while you do want to maximize your time, there are items that will get done tomorrow rather than today. The expression “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today” speaks about what you are able to do today. Not everything can be done today. As my hubby is famous for saying “Have patience. Rome was not built in a day.”

Above all, slow down, relax and enjoy your life. These are the days of your life that you are living right now, not just some goal you are working towards at some point in the future. Take the time to relish them.

I think of all the important things to think about the last paragraph sums it all up!


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At 1:20 PM, Blogger Brian and Rachel said...

Does this mean you will stop rushing through your meals in the future? Great post, where'd you find all the info?

At 4:22 PM, Blogger LunarWorld said...

You are not the only one who reads your blog.


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